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Movie Review: Mechanic: Resurrection

Updated: May 28, 2019

I never in my life wanted to dig a hole and lie in it so badly in my life, until I watched Mechanic Resurrection. I love Jason Statham films, but now it feels like a lifelong journey to recreate the success of the first transporter. They keep popping out this films in the hope it will kick start his failing career as an action star. I know another actor who does this and never has worked in close to 2 decades.

I saw the first Mechanic and it was alright. It was nowhere near as exciting as Crank or Transporter. But it was a fun action film where Statham beats everyone up and saves the girl. Oh, and makes all deaths look like an accident. However, Arthur Bishop(Statham) chose to retire after faking his own death in the first film and when this film opens, he is now living on a boat in Brazil.

Of course, like every other absent minded action film plot, he is sought out for another job by a man named Crain(Sam Hazeldine) and which he declines. So Crain’s men attempt to persuade him by attacking him after he declines, only for Bishop to beat the holy hell out of everyone and escaping. Bishop disappears to a uncharted island where he meets an old friend named Mei(Michelle Yeoh) and decides to do some research on this Crain character. Not even being there a day, Mei encounters a woman named Gina(Jessica Alba) who was visiting the island to only find out that she was being beaten by her boyfriend. That night, Bishop overhears Gina being attacked and goes to the rescue.

Which he saves her but with skepticism. He even stated in the film that it was probably a trap for him to fall for Gina so could be compromised. As predicted, he discovers that he was right and STILL FALLS FOR HER. Seriously? Dumbest. Plot. Ever. He agrees to kill the 3 targets for Crain in exchange for Gina’s life. Which leads him killing a gun runner named Krill in a South American Prison and then killing a sex trafficker named Adrian Cook via a High Rise Pool in a metropolitan city. After killing the second person, Bishop catches on he is killing Crain’s competition and decides to persuade the final person on his kill list, Max Adams(Tommy Lee Jones), to help locating Crain and putting an end to this.

Overall, this film was quite boring. Just another day in a Jason Statham film. It’s hard to be excited to watch a film that the plot/action has been overdone so much. If Statham was around in the golden age of action film which was the 80’s, he might be a part of the legends of that time.

But he isn’t. So I am sure there is a 3rd installment of Crank coming even tho we do not want it.

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