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Movie Review: Allied

Updated: May 28, 2019

Brad Pitt seems to being attracted to a ton of World War II films as of late as he headlines the spy thriller, Allied. This was a cheap Tuesday movies as it did not entice me to see it on a regular night.

Brad Pitt(Inglorious Bastards, Fight Club, Fury) plays a Canadian fighter pilot named Max Vatan who is apparently from Ontario? That’s random. I honestly cannot recall a film where a main character played by a mainstream movie star was from Ontario. He parachutes in to Casablanca on a possible one way suicide mission to kill a high ranking officer in Hitler’s Army. Upon the way he links up with a female spy to assist with his mission. Marion Cotillard(Anchor Man 2, The Dark Knight Rises) plays the spy named Marianne Beausejour and portrays as a German to further her agenda in getting close to high ranking officers.

The beginning of the film provides you light back story to both characters and spends more time interlocking Vatan and Beausejour. They infiltrate a German cocktail party with Marianne’s contacts so they can make an attempt on a German Officer’s life. The build up to the scene also portrayed a battlefield love story between the characters and took risk with each other as it was a suicide mission they were completing. Long Story short, they killed the Nazi officer and escaped unscathed. Randomly after knowing each other a few days, Vatan asks Beausjour to marry him without knowing much about her. Yea, that’s legit.

A year goes by, they moves to London(instead of Medicine Hat which is referenced 87621468956 times) and they have a child named Anna. Max still works for the military but rides a desk and Anna is a homemaker. Life seemed perfect and they were very much in love with each other. Until one day it all changes when espionage department accuses Max’s wife of being a German spy. Max is given very little options and is forced to participate in providing fake information to be fed down through the Nazi contacts to prove she is working with the Germans or not. However, Max decides to do some investigating of his own which is where the bulk of the film is based on.

This film sports a very little known cast. Besides Brad and Marion I only know of Jared Harris(MadMen, Resident Evil: Apocalypse), who plays Max’s high ranking officer, Frank Heslap. The film had tons of flaws as well. With a runtime of 123 minutes, this could have been easily trimmed. To prove my theory, there was points that were so drawn out, that random violence was thrown into it to keep you engaged. The story was average but if they made this a 90 minute film and didn’t spend so much time in the beginning to explain the romance, this could have been a shit. Plus with the Se7en type ending to the film, really turned me off.

Wait for it on Netflix.

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