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TV Review: Goldberg Vs Lesnar; You weren't robbed

Updated: May 28, 2019

A lot of keyboard warriors took to the tweets the Monday after the Survivor Series to complain about the ending to the PPV. Before you all get your panties in a bunch, maybe you should invest time and learn the reason why.

I’ll admit this though, I picked Lesnar to win. And I am a huge Goldberg, but I felt this was Lesnar’s time to be put over and Goldberg to go out on his back. Clearly WWE Creative felt the exact opposite and they wanted to wrench out this angle down to the last drop. So before you jump to twitter and whine about how you got screwed at this PPV, read the valid points I made below.

· #DoYouEvenGoldberg?

Before you throw your hands up in the air, try being a true wrestling fan for a minute. A lot of the current fans that exist haven’t even watched any of the StoneCold Era, let alone the Monday Night Wars. So, walking around crying you got screwed won’t fly. Sit down, shut up, and actually watch a Goldberg match in WCW. They weren’t that long at all. Why? He was billed to be a terrifying and unstoppable monster. The longer that a “beast” is in the ring for that match, the more they become human. Look at Kane for example, his matches used to be quick, now that they are longer, no one takes him seriously as a beast. We have seen it all before for years and its lost its impact. However, Goldberg went something crazy like 189-0 before he finally lost to Kevin Nash. Well Scott Hall tazed him and then Goldberg lost. Anyways, his matches were the same every time. He had his intro, he would hit you, hit you with a high impact move, spear, Jackhammer and was in the back within 5 minutes. He did this to people who even bigger than Lesnar. Hell, he jackhammered the Big Show at one point.

· WrestleMania 20

One of the biggest stinkers to ever exist in WWE history. A lot of people blame Lesnar and others blame Goldberg. I blame WWE creative. This match should have never happened because both of them were leaving after WM. But yet, the WWE assumed that both these monsters would put on the best performance of their life. Now isn’t that dumb of them. Lesnar was going off to start his MMA and Goldberg was going off to retirement. Neither off these people wanted to start either paths with an injury. So they became “fornicators of Fido” and totally blew the match. It was one of the worst matches in WM history and not even StoneCold Steve Austin with all the Stunners/beer bathes could save this match.

· Injury

It was reported the week prior that he blew out his shoulder while training. So the 98% of Goldberg’s moves where lost. To be honest, I am shocked he pulled of the JackHammer. But, the WWE spent a month advertising the crap out of Goldberg Vs Lesner II, so they couldn’t change the main card now. It was too late. So they had to adlib. However, the adlib is what the WWE creative needed. They can now run a huge creative story for Goldberg and Lesnar and have their paths cross one last time as WrestleMania. Based by the reaction by the crowd in Toronto, Goldberg was put over in one of the biggest ways I have ever seen. Now he gets 2 months to rest up and even trainer harder than before.

· Humbling The Beast

Admit it. The Beast Incarnate needed a humbling badly. He is one terrifying mofo, that is a fact. Winning multiple championships over multiples types of fighting sports, it makes him one of the most dangerous men in the world. However, what do you do with someone he destroyed an entire roster? You humble him with a bigger and badder man. And that’s what essentially happened. Lesnar was the schoolyard bully that got his lights knocked out by one of the most devastating beasts from the previous era of wrestling. And Goldberg did it in 92 seconds. 2 things happen to a bully after they get knocked out. They get all timid and lose their balls. Or, the comeback badder and scarier than before they want people to know who the top dog is. Lesnar has proven on multiple occasions he can have a mean streak and it can be put over well with the right person. They tried with Ambrose for WrestleMania but the match was not exciting whatsoever. But Goldberg, who has tarnished the Beast’s record twice, could be that intangible to release Lesnar’s rage on a new level which will lead to some exciting programming. Hell, WWE might have to let the segments go beyond the “G” rating to get the ratings they desperately need. I approve of that.

· One More Match

Goldberg inked a deal with the WWE for a rumble match almost immediately after Survivor Series concluded. And as I stated earlier, this was the best PPV that WWE has put on in years. Only 2 matches fell short, and 1 of these matches was really bad(CW title match). You call it what you well, but it’s got you hooked. They thought of GoldBerg vs Lesnar III makes you salivate for it. It wouldn’t happen at the Rumble. No! It will be only the buildup for the story there. WrestleMania will be the main stage and both wrestlers will get redemption for WM20. Don’t be surprised that the following year, Goldberg heads to the WWE Hall of Fame after.

If you are still questioning the victory then maybe you should watch TNA. Their storylines are far simpler and linear with less substance. When your main guy for almost 15 years(A.J Styles) jumps ship and the company had to be saved by Billy Corgan, that’s a clear hint the end is nigh. But, if you are like me who criticizing the WWE every chance he gets, you will appreciate what happened last night.

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