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Movie Review: Arrival

Updated: May 28, 2019

No, this isn’t “The Arrival” with Charlie Sheen from the 90’s. It is a new arrival. The trailer sold this film for me, but sometimes the trailer can be either deceiving, bang on or shows all the best scenes in the 2 min clip. But I decided to give it a shot anyways.

It’s been since the 5th wave that I have even seen an Alien Sci-fi flick. Well, I have watched the classics in the past year, but I don’t really recall anything new from the genre dropping as of late. But with Jeremy Renner, Amy Adams and Forest Whitaker, I took a chance on Cheap Nights and “arrived” at the theatre. Yes, that was a bad pun.

The film follows Amy Adams character, Dr. Louise Banks, who is clearly dealing with a recent loss in her life. She is professor at a local university where she teaches different languages and was settling in for a typical day at work. That was until they arrived. So 12 grey Twinkie space ships arrive and randomly park over different places all over the world. And for once, not over the typical places like NY or DC. But Montana? There is nothing out there besides Big Foot, Dinosaur Fossils and a Swedish metal bands who got lost in the woods on their way to a photoshoot(joke was for Gabby). The world goes into an uproar/panic and everyone is sent home from the school.

She returns to the university to find it empty, so she decides to sit in her office and watch the news conference. She was quickly joined by Forest Whitakers character, Colonel Weber, who offers an opportunity. An opportunity to translate the alien language in the hopes of establishing contact. However, she states she would need to see/meet the aliens to properly understood the language. Weber states he wouldn’t let her meet the aliens and in the end he calls her bluff and try’s someone else. Long story short, she met the aliens.

Along the travels to the alien ship, she meets Jeremy Renner’s character, Ian Donnelly, who joins her on the journey to try complete first contact with the aliens. I would strongly suggest paying attention to everything they say to each other and watch for all the “dream” sequences as it will explain the film in the end. If you miss it, you will not fully understand the concept of the ending.

The aliens honestly looked like giant face hugger tree things that can shoot out ink. That’s the best way I could describe it. But all things considered, it was a fresh look from the typical “little green men” design we have grown fond of over the years. The ships were a newer type design but not enough to blow your socks off or anything. In the end, the concept/script was good the film but it was so dry. You are sitting there waiting for something happen and in the end, you are left more disappointed than a person who purchased No Man’s Sky. There was too many points where it was extremely boring and drawn out.

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