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Movie Review: Office Christmas Party

Updated: May 28, 2019

This movie is straight messed up. Now, one of my good friends was in this film which already motivated me to see it, but when I saw who was in this film overall was more than enough to make me go. But does the movie live up to its hype?

It all depends on how you define for the hype of this movie. Now, to be put in to an Ultra AVX theatre so I have to pay top dollar to see it, kind of put a bad taste in my mouth. The film takes place in a typical day in an office preparing for the Christmas holidays. The company is a “server” tech based corporation that the main office was left behind to T.J Miller after his father passed away. His sister, played by Jennifer Aniston is lobbying to be the CEO of the company who is doing everything possible to become the CEO of the company. Which includes laying off many employees or even just closing the main office.

Jason Batman plays T.J’s friend and operations manager to the site who helps run the site. However, he has his own insecurity issues after finalizing his divorce and tension with a coworker at the site. However, Jennifer Aniston’s character shows up randomly and immediately cancels the Office Christmas Party. Then provides the ultimatum to either lay off a lot of the staff or she would close the site. Jason Bateman offers that if they could sign a huge client before the end of day, everyone would keep their jobs/bonuses. Jennifer Aniston Agrees.

T.J Miller, Jason Bateman and Olivia Munn head over to meet the client who would not sign with them because he felt they were just another faceless corporation. So they decide to invite him to the cancelled Christmas Party to show how the company is a family environment. So after spending tons of cash and telling everyone the party is back on, the film picks up.

I do not want to ruin the film beyond the above. Everything up to this point was quite dry. There was a few quick laughs but nothing that would make you want to watch the film. Once the party got going, the movie went from dry to absolutely hilarious. Even when it felt like Jason Bateman was not even trying, the film still produces shock value, complete madness and off the hook hilarity. However, with those positive words, someone needs to stop casting T.J Miller into main-ish roles. He cannot carry a film at all. Even with Deadpool, his role was too much. I would rather had Charlie Day replace T.J Miller in this film as Bateman/Day have great chemistry together.

Check out the film, but make sure you pay general admission at least!

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