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Movie Review: Rogue One

Updated: May 28, 2019

***SPOILERS** Finally, our Christmas movie has been released! ***SPOILERS** Well, it’s not really a Christmas movie, but to some people it is because they are hardcore Star Wars fans and this is their Xmas gift. ***SPOILERS** Now, this film fills in the slight pot holes in Star Wars IV that we didn’t even know we wanted filled. ***SPOILERS** Trust me, not only is this film amazing but you could literally watch Episode IV right after and it would be seamless. Spoilers FYI! ***SPOILERS** Get the hint?

Ever hear the story how many Bothans died? For the longest time, it was a minor mention during the speech on how to destroy the Death Star. Now, it has been formed in a 2+ hour movie that really gets deep. I cannot put into words how deep this film gets, because there is really no way to explain it. But what I can explain is that this film had tons of death. This is the first Star Wars film, that you actually see a full-fledged war scene with a large amount of death.

I will give a brief summary of what happens in the film without giving away too much, but this film focusses around the Death Star and why certain things happened in Episode 4. The film opens with Galen Orson(Mads Mikkelsen) living a peaceful life with his family on a farm. That was until Director Orson Krennic(Ben Mendelsohn) arrives to convince Galen to return to the empire. Galen was the architect of the Death Stars planet killer weapon. Jyn Erson was forced hide by her mother when the empire arrived. Galen sides against Krennic’s offer to rejoin the empire, and the Death Troopers(the only storm troopers that have accuracy with a weapon) kill Galen’s wife. Knowing that he has no choice, he agrees to leave while unsure of Jyn’s fate.

Jyn is found by Saw Gerrera(Forest Whitaker) and is trained on how to be a soldier. Years go by, and a pilot who defected against the empire tracks down Saw Gerrera to provide sensitive information about the Death Star from Galen Orso. The Rebel alliance learns of this by one of their most trusted soldiers, Cassian Andor(Diego Luna) and sent soldiers to free Jyn Erso(Felicity Jones) from an imperial prison. The rebels free Jyn in the hopes that they can use her to find Saw Gerrera so they can find Galen. Jyn agrees to help but does not know that Cassian was given orders to assassinate Galen. Along the journey, we are introduced to a lot of new characters and even bumped into some old characters. Notable mentions to the movie are Chirrut Imwe played by Donnie Yen and Baze Malbus played by Wen Jiang. Their characters were not main roles, but they really tied the room together of that makes sense. Also their final scenes are huge tear jerkers so be prepared.

But the character that stood out the most to me was K-2SO. K-2SO, a reprogrammed Imperial Droid, was played the amazing Alan Tudyk(Firefly, ConMan). Honestly, K2 had a tons of humor and was actually a useful droid. I am not dissing R2 or C3PO but, K2 was a sick character that made the film really stand out. Who else to voice character like this besides Alan? Also, Another huge tie in. 1 Character just singlehandedly tied Episode 1/2/3 with Episode 4/5/6. Jimmy Smits reprises Bail Organa prior to his and Alderaan’s death in Episode 4. But let’s not forget other cameo’s from Mon Mothma, Grand Moff Tarkin(CGI), Princess Leia(CGI), The Wanted Man on many planets guy from Episode IV, R2D2 and C3PO all make appearances. Well, so did Vader. We knew that tho.

Overall, Rogue One was a homerun, not a grand slam like everyone claims. Empire Strikes back was a Grand Slam. However, Rogue One was very impressive. Like I said in the opening and I concur with Kevin Smith(Listen to Fatman on Batman Episode:152) that if you cut the intro after the crawl in Episode 4 and attach it to Rogue One ending, it would be seamless. I just might. Go see this now!

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