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Why Connor McGregor Should move to the WWE

Updated: May 28, 2019

The Notorious Conor McGregor is literally the best Pound for pound fighter to ever exist in the UFC. Fresh off of an impressive victory over Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 and becoming the first UFC fighter to hold 2 belts at the same time is quite an amazing feat. But what’s next for the Notorious one?

You look at this from an outsiders perspective, this is a WIN/WIN for both parties. MMA fighters don’t have a lot of time in the sport before critical damage can start occurring to the body. Conor needs to look at the long term opposed to the short term. Brock Lesnar is a clear example that a part time life with both the UFC and WWE can work. Nothing would really change for Conor as he only fights 3 times a year and the same would probably happen in the WWE. Eventually he will pass his prime and get knocked off the throne. Happened to everyone, including the famous Anderson Silva. And since then, the Spider has not done well since being knocked off his throne. Conor, take note.

WWE on the other hand needs Conor more than he needs them. WWE has taken a step back the last few years which developing talent got away from them and relying on John Cena to save the PPV is no longer working. Their PPV buy rates are dropping and they put all their eggs in the basket with the WWE Network. Until recently, I never tried the network but it has its perks. But it won’t keep the company afloat. With rumors of reducing the amount of ppv’s in 2017, its not a shock as the overall product has been garbage. They need someone like The Rock, but he can’t save them all the time. They need to find someone to carry the company on their back like Hogan, Austin, Rock and Hart did for years.

That’s where McGregor comes in.

Cameo would be a dumb idea. Lock him down into a PT schedule like Lesnar and I guarantee PPV buy rates will sky rocket. His use in the UFC is clear example it works. The UFC no longer lines up fights that would be great to watch, they base it off of how McGregor can sell it. McGregor has 90% of the tools to have a lucrative successful run in the WWE. Sure, he would need to learn how to break fall, take bumps and suplex someone correctly, but he has charisma, presence, sex appeal and of course a loud mouth that people WANT to here. Conor understands how doing the correct actions and saying the right words can make him a very rich man.

Long Term, Conor can have a longer career in the WWE than the UFC and being as which he is great at what he does, I am confident in saying he would be a future hall of famer if he took sports entertainment seriously.

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