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Game Review: TitanFall 2

Updated: May 28, 2019

Finally, Respawn Entertainment made good decision! Why the original was an exclusive to the Xbox1 is beyond me. Maybe they didn’t want the money from PS4 users? Don’t worry, I am sure they will be enjoying the Money trees from this one. If the campaign is even 25% as good as the MP BETA I played awhile back, there won’t be any negative comments from me.

I won’t lie. I waited ALL year for this game. My friend and part time writer for the page, Rick Rice, hyped up TitanFall for me like no other. However at that time, the game mainly was driven by MP. I am not a huge fan of MP. So when I saw the TF2 MP Beta pop on the PSN I took a chance and gave it a play through. After 10 hours of MP, safe to say I was hooked.

When the game finally released, I couldn’t find a copy anywhere. Both Battlefield and TitanFall were sold out all over the Niagara Region and there wasn’t one available for rental for over a week. But there was tons of copies of COD: Infinite Warfare available J. So on the 3rd attempt to the video store, I was finally able to snag a copy of this game.

I went straight to the campaign, which the training simulation was in the demo so I walked through that no problem and started the story. You are a foot soldier named Jack Cooper. Simply put, you are at war with the Apex Predators led by Blisk, and you start the game as snot nosed recruit trying to earn your own Titan. However, after a disturbance you were forced into combat and following a brief battle, your mentor Captain Lastimosa fell. With his final breath he transferred ownership/command of his Titan named BT to you. You know are on a special operation that your mentor was originally charged with completing. The story/campaign was not super long, but it was enough for you to crave more!

The gameplay for this game is super smooth. And I mean that 100%. The ability of running and gunning as a foot soldier to jumping into your titan without any delay is absolutely mesmerizing. I never felt so in control of either character in my entire life. Every time you would play other FPS games, there was always a delay as the game does the manual transfer and in TitanFall is transitions beautifully and flawlessly.

As I said 100 times before, I am not a fan of multiplayer but it ranks #2 on the year for best multiplayer for me(BF1 being number #1). With the amazing graphics, solid gameplay, and good soundtrack, how can you go wrong TitanFall? This is an immediate purchase, not a rental.

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