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Game Review: Call of Duty: Infinite WarFare

Updated: May 28, 2019

Showing the lowest sales for a COD game ever, it is starting to feel the writing is on the wall for the franchise. Is it a poor game or poor timing on the release? Well, I didn’t buy it, I rented it. And I stand by my opinion that there hasn’t been a good COD game since MW3. How does Infinite Warfare stack up?

With huge releases such as Battlefield 1 for its massive MP gameplay and TitanFall no longer being an exclusive to Xbox1, COD tripped running of the gates because they chose to compete with these titles. This reminds me of the Hateful 8. Whether or not you like Quentin Tarantino personally, his films are mostly hit than miss and always entertaining in some way. Anyways, he thought he could put Hateful 8 up against Star Wars: Force Awakens last year in the theatre. Safe to say, Hateful 8 did not do that well because everyone flocked to TFA. That’s what happening to COD. An overplayed and constantly recycled franchise competes against 2 anticipated and fresh FPS, you are bound to lose.

Also, COD needs to let go this whole futuristic warfare garbage. It’s nice to have cool weapons and spider like explosives, but it is distracting you from the cold hard truth that the game really isn’t that good at all. Sometimes having a FPS with simplistic weapons(BF1) is more fun because it is a bigger challenge. The only big difference that COD has over the other game franchises, is that they are willing to spend tons of cash to get celebrities to be a part of the game whether if it is in the zombie mode or in the campaign mode itself. Which is cool but wears off very quickly. For example, the Notorious Conor McGregor. Advertised as a huge character but really, his role was quite small in the grand scheme of things.

The Campaign mode got an overhaul. After all the years of complaining by gamers, they finally made it interactive, incorporated side quests(which are irrelevant and do not need to be completed at all) and increased the length of time to complete. Now before u start running to EbGames/Gamestop, there is still tons of flaws with it. There was so much additional FMV/dialogue scenes that it literally turned me off from playing. Ya sure, I could skip the scenes but then u don’t know what happens. It’s nice that they added the interactive of being on a bridge of spaceship so you can walk around and do whatever you please, but it felt like it was taking away from the game. I couldn’t be bothered to go sit in my quarters and stare at game videos. Overall, the story was below average and the use of Kit Harrington was a straight up another waste.

They added in new content in MP for the game, but I couldn’t be bothered to play it. It’s the usual grind with some new content but nothing that makes me want to play it. However, Zombie mode got an overhaul as well. And I noticed that “dumbed down” the difficulty. Zombie typically became challenging after the 8th wave, but it wasn’t until the 13th wave where it got interesting. The theme of the game takes place at an 80’s theme park with really bad clothing, bright color schemes, portals and of course killer clowns that explode. Just because zombies weren’t enough. But my favorite part of the game? Your death. Why? Because once you die you go to Death’s waiting room so to speak. You can play a variety of carnival games to get points so you can rez yourself in game. That was neat-o.

I strongly suggest not buying that for anything more than 30 bucks or just do a rental. IMO short of the zombie mode which you can watch me play in the gameplay video above, this game is a flop. An Infinite Warflop.

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