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Cosplayer Spotlight: Jade Twisted Cosplay

Updated: May 28, 2019

And here is our December Cosplayer: Jade Twisted Cosplay! Be sure to follow her on social media!

Droids: This week we have a treat for our fellow geeks! We get to sit down with the Jade Twisted Cosplay! Thank you for sitting down with us for an installment of Cosplayer Spotlight!

Jade: Thank you for for having me You guys are super sweet.

Droids: Easy/typical questions first. What was the first convention you attended? What was the most memorable part of that convention?

Jade: My first ever convention was anime matsuri in 2010, I was told about it and through together a random costume for a female grim reaper from my closet, did some super crazy make up, and a few people stopped me for my picture and from then on I was hooked and wanted to use my skills to further my cosplay journey.

Droids: Is there a cosplay you will not do? If so, and Why?

Jade: Not really I love costuming and the challenge of learning new skills. I do have to like the character though for me to want to cosplay as them.

Droids: What was your favorite cosplay costume that you've done so far?

Jade: so far its between my Yang Xiao Long from RWBY, or My Sweet Pea from sucker punch.

Droids: Do you have a favorite convention? If so, which one is it, and why?

Jade: I haven’t gone to any conventions outside of Texas yet but I would say either Akon or Onicon I always have an amazing time at those conventions.

Droids: What was the hardest costume for you to make to date? What made it so difficult?

Jade: That would be my Rachel Alucard from Blazblue, there were so many layers and different fabrics going on, my sewing machine kept jamming up on me and my crazy self decided to make my own hoop skirt. Worst idea ever. BUT! I love that costume so much it took me 6 months to make her.

Droids: Is there a cosplayer that you look up to for inspiration?

Jade: I love Jessica Nigri, honestly I hope to be at her level one day I doubt I ever will but she is extremely talented, and she just exudes confidence and kindness. I’ve never met her but I want to very badly

Droids: Is there a Con that you have not gone to yet but aspire to do so?

Jade: SDCC or any convention in hawaii I adore the beach and beach photo shoots, plus if you get tired of cosplay you can head down to the beach for some fun. Even though I’m basically a vampire and should stay hidden from the sun at all times.

Droids: Do you have a funny experience from a comic con that you want to share?

Jade: I didn’t realize is at the time but my group of Blazblue characters walked by stella chu’s booth and she stood up in aww at everyones outfits we worked so hard on, and I was the last in the line and she looked back and fangirled really hard on me. I didn’t realize it was her at first and she was asking tons of questions and got a selfie with us. Afterwards we walked out and one of my group members fangirled super hard out of no where and said “ that was stella chuuuuuu!!” and then all of us fangirled every where because stella chu wanted a selfie with us nerds.

Droids: Is there anything else you want to add about cosplay or yourself in general or perhaps promote something that may not have already been covered?

Jade: Well I’ve been sewing for about 20 years, my grandmother taught me when I was very little. I’ve been cosplay for about 7 years in total, I love every aspect of this hobby and want to continue growing as not only a cosplayer, but as a person. This hobby teaches you so many life lessons that you wouldn’t expect to learn and I truly believe everyone out there should cosplay regardless of what you look like. If you would like to follow any of my social media or check out my awesome rewards on patreon here are my links, join my twisted family and become my little lovebug J it was wonderful sharing all this stuff with you and I do live facebook feeds every Monday with new make up tests for characters others vote on so feel free to tune and and join the conversation! You all have a wonderful day and hugs and kisses from Jade-Twisted

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