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Movie Review: The Internship

Updated: May 28, 2019

Film was released in 2013 and it was widely received as a poor film. Audiences have grown tired of the Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson power couple at that point because of the many films they did together, for example Wedding Crashers.

Vince Vaughn(Bill McMahon) and Owen Wilson(Nick Campbell) play a pair of salesmen who sell expensive watches. They have been working together for many years and have learned to play off of each other traits to ensure they close the sale. However, during a sale, they are told by a consumer that their company closed. Their boss played by John Goodman who clearly never got around to telling them that the company closed. He may had a small bit role but it was humorous while it lasted.

Neither of the characters are computer literate and lack skills to survive in today’s world. Owen attempts to work for his brother in laws mattress store which turns out to be Will Farrell(what a shock there). Vince’s characters comes up with the idea to go work for google. Well, get an internship and then hopefully get a job. After enduring a grueling and painful interview with the google recruiters, they got invited for an internship, but under great skepticism. Upon their arrival, they felt like fish out of matter as everyone there for the internship were basically kids in their late teens and early 20’s and they all knew computers in and out.

Clearly Bill and Nick were at a great disadvantage and they were paired up with unpopular kids from the internship to work as a team. They were also lead by a google captain who voted for them to join the internship. During their testing, the Professor was making it clear to them they should have been there(or was he?) and Owen Wilson's character as usual fell for a girl who wasn’t interested in him. It’s as if, this happened before? And of course there was a huge blow out with the team at one point and how did they bound? By getting wasted, going to a strip joint and doing outrageous things.. Sounds like that happened before as well?

I guess the old saying applies here, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Now this is a typical Vince Vaughn film whereas some of the lines for the script was borrowed from previous films like Dodgeball, Anchorman, and of course Wedding Crashers. This was a funny film but not the greatest performance for either of them. But it is definitely worth the watch on Netflix because you are not paying to watch it really. You are paying for a subscription TO have the option to watch it but not for the film itself. Some films seem to have get a second wing on Netflix, and based by its rating 4/5 stars, it apparently did.

Lucky for them, I have seen them in worse films.

Like Drill bit Taylor. I never forgot Owen, you owe 90 minutes of my life back for that train wreck. I will never forget.

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