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Game Review: WWE 2K17

Updated: May 28, 2019

Yes, I am a wrestling fan. Not sure why I am being judged for it. I know you are judging! The is the first time since 2003 I bought a wrestling game at full price. Well, I traded in some games so it was only 35 bucks, but it was full price at the beginning of the sale! Why? I am a huge Brock Lesnar fan. Also, added Goldberg into the mix, I figured the game would have been epic! So I thought.

Now, there is only a handful that could even complete against WWE2K. When it comes to Fighting sports you only have UFC and WWE. If aim for just fighting, then you get MK and Street Fighter added to the Mix. So even then, you still have a 25% chance of getting “Game of the Year “ awards. Oh, don’t worry, there is positives in this review. But I called BS on some of the changes they did this year. What was the valuable lesson I learned this year? Always research the game before you buy it. Even though they did it for 2344654653 years in a row. Always check.

I am probably the only fan who liked the mode anyways. I liked the 2K Showcase mode! 2K15 had the Cena/CM Punk story and 2K16 had the Steve Austin Era. So what happened this year? Well, I looked it up after the fact, mainly because I was pissed off, just to read the funniest blurb I have ever seen. Now keep in mind, I am an EX-DIEHARD fan. I say ex mainly because the rated G era sucks so bad I barely watch the shows. Anyways, the short and sweet of it was they wanted to spend more time making the experience better plus they would had copyright issues to do a Lesnar Story? What? You do know WWE now owns 99.9% of all wrestling programming. Short of Lesnar’s time in the UFC, I fail to see the copyright problem. But if that’s the story you want to go with, then that’s fine.

The Career mode, they removed the voice acting and only left Albert’s annoying voice during your NXT try outs. But now you have to cut promo’s and answer questions via text options? Didn’t realize that we were moving backwards with technology. It’s not like there was no room left on the disk. It was a decision made to save an extra buck. And then the actual career mode is quite meh. My first CAW has now wrestled Finn Balor over 20 different occasions and barely moved up in the ranks. Did I say wrestle? I mean decimated Finn Balor. Not much of an improvement from 2K16 and I begin to wonder what the issue is in making a career? Sure, they added some new things in but it becomes the same old thing after 5 matches.

Positive things I did notice. Well, they added a ton of stuff in CAW. Which is nice, if you like spending 4+ hours making wrestlers. Some days I do, but some days I don’t. Same thing for belts, arenas, logos, stables, move sets and etc. A very large roster even before you start unlocking characters(pay the 6.99 or the get the season pass, other it will take you forever to unlock everything) and you have a ton of match options to utilize them in. Graphics and gameplay was solid though. And they finally took away the auto targeting that was very spotty to begin with which reduces accidently attacking the wrong person. That was annoying.

But yet, no Hogan on the roster. I guess the WWE will just not acknowledge these people for what they did in the wrong, only base it by what happened outside the ring. And here I thought they were in the forgiving mood. They did forgive Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Scott Hall, and Jake Roberts for all the crap they caused. But not Hulk Hogan who carried the franchise on his back. Smooth.

Overall, this game has a lot for you to do, but it will get repetitive, so if you are not the hardcore wrestling fan, this may not worth for you to buy at full price.

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