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Movie Review: Hacksaw Ridge

Updated: May 28, 2019

It has been awhile since there was an anticipated Mel Gibson classic. And for once he wasn’t shirtless and getting tortured in a film! Even I was shocked. But his son Milo was in the film. Small role, but he was there! Spiderman taking on the Empire of Japan during WWII? How can you pass this up? Plus its based off of a true story and released during Remembrance/Veterans Day week.

The film did not have many A-List celebs but I start off and say that Vince Vaughn seems to find new ways to reinvent himself over the years. Taking on new and complex roles that you honestly thought you couldn’t take him seriously in. I will always see him more of a comedic actor but his role as the hardened and vicious Sgt. Howell. His role as being stern as he was, but he did bring some comedic flavor into the film. Even if it wasn’t intention.

The film takes place after Pearl Harbour was decimated by the Japanese and WWII was in full swing. Desmond Doss(Andrew Garfield) grew up in a small town and he was raised to be a very religious man. So religious in fact, he firmly believed in the 10 commandments and lived his days by following scripture. It wasn’t until saved a man’s life in town where he met the love of his live, Dorothy Schutte(Teresa Palmer) and they began to date. During a night at the movies, he saw an advertisement to join the military and that’s when he knew he wanted to be an army medic. So he enlists. However, his father Tom Doss(Hugo Weaving) already reeling from his other’s son decision to join the military, he did not take it lightly. Tom was a CPL in World War I and was still coping with the PTSD/aftereffects it left on his life.

Against his father’s wishes he joins the military but with a stipulation. He will not kill nor even holster a weapon. After many failed attempts by SGT. Howell to convince him otherwise, he enlists Captain Glover which also fails. It wasn’t until a Colonel calls him out for it is where it leads to Desmond’s possible Court Marshall. After some luck and unexpected help, he is allowed to go into battle without a weapon. Unfortunately, battle would take place in Okinawa and the infamous Hacksaw Ridge. Multiple regiments already failed to take this mountain and it was now their turn. During the battle, you got to see the brutal, gritty and gory ways of war. It was on this battlefield where Desmond became legendary.

The film is quite an epic war film. With a solid cast, visual effects and solid storyline(while looping in a love story) this film has it all for the casual movie goer. It may not be BraveHeart and Mel Gibson only directed it, but it is truly worth the watch.

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