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Movie Review: Doctor Strange

Updated: May 28, 2019

Now, I will say this and get it out of the way. Doctor Strange was the second worst comic book movie that I saw in 2016. And it is not because I did not like the film, but 2016 was a great year for comic books! But of course, Batman V Superman was the worst. I felt Suicide Squad just beat Doctor Strange, probably because of the spot character portrayals!

Now, I will say I know very little of Doctor Strange. Short of cross overs and huge “wars,” I never really read any of Doctor Strange comics. I started to pick a few things up here and there last year when they were locking down the main actor. I recall, that it was between Ethan Hawke and Benedict Cumberbatch. Last year was a haze so I don’t recall why Ethan Hawke was even on that list, but he was. But Benedict coming off of huge roles from Sherlock, and Star Trek Beyond(As the Khan no one acknowledges) it seemed to suit the role. But, it was the fact he looked a lot like Doctor Strange is what sold people.

Be careful what you wish for, just because someone looks the part, doesn’t mean they should be the part. I am looking at your Ryan Reynolds for Green Lantern. It’s not your fault but I will never get those 2 hours back. I love you as Deadpool…. Moving on, the film is a complete Origins story of Stephen Strange which is not a shock at all. However, the Origins takes place after Age of Ultron but I am unsure if it was after Civil War. There is Easter Eggs and a clear shot of the Avengers Base in NY but nothing that really confirms the timeline during the film. However, as always, stay after the credits. I shouldn’t have to tell you.

Now let’s talk about Benedict version of Stephen Strange. Benedict to me, has never been known to be funny. However, in this flick, he was hilarious. He played an egotistical, self-righteous, smartass who let his operating skills as a Doctor go to head. It was, until all that was taken away in a car accident. Even after seeing the SNL skit he did as Dr. Strange, I wasn’t sold on as comedic ability until after seeing the film. Recalling his days in Sherlock and Star Trek, he was never this funny. The type of delivery is comedy reminds me something that Chris Pine would do. Always witty and sarcastic. It was a welcomed change.

The storyline comes down to a Master named Kaecilius(Mads Mikkelsen; Hannibal, Casino Royale), who chooses to defy the Ancient One(Tilda Swinton; Constantine) by stealing a secret ritual to open the dark portal to so he can live forever. However Stephen Strange, goes to the Ancient One to heal from his car accident thereafter, only to learn magic and become very powerful. He is joined by the Ancients companion Mordo(Chiwtel Ejiofor; Firefly, Children of Men) to help defeat Kaecilius and his men. Dr. Strange is supported by his ex-girlfriend or fling, Christine( Rachel McAdams(Wedding Crashers), which literally has no relevance to the film. Every films needs to have a love interest I suppose.


It was a fun popcorn flick. But nothing beyond the typical MCU film. Unlike Deadpool and Civil War, this film did not stand out in the MCU, it just felt like another title being added to the library.

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