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Game Review: Battlefield 1

Updated: May 28, 2019

The trailers really sold this game to me. Finally a FPS franchise that made a good decision and reverted back to its roots. Unlike COD. Battlefield doesn’t “advance their warfare”, they dial it back to World War 1. When having basic rifles made life a living hell. This is the timeline where the majority of FPS shooters started, so it is only fitting that it’s a homerun.

The Dev team for Battlefield must had one helluva meeting after the flop known as Hardlines, to make a new game during WW1. To be honest, for years games like battlefield, Call of Duty and Medal of Honor made their millions off of the WW1/WW2 stories because they were a safe bet. But, all 3 moved away from the stories because their FPS audience was losing interest and obviously they wanted to make money. Whereas COD went to a “modern” story, then a Vietnam story and then finally Advanced in space with cyborgs, Medal of Honor tried to capitalize on the current world conflicts and fell flat on their face. Battlefield focused all their time on the MP maps, options and modes to keep the hardcore FPS player. However, their Modern campaigns flopped hard.

Why try to beat them? COD signs well-known actors(Kit Harrington from GoT, and Kevin Spacey) for the short lived campaign modes so why bother. Instead they made 5 different stories with 3 – 4 levels per story and all about different points/brigades in the war. What a minute? They gave choice? And you get to use a tank, a destroyer and an airplane at some point? Ok. I am not even mad. Oh and let’s not forget the train from hell stage. So the Campaign was fun safe to say.

The Multiplayer was completely solid. Having so many options/modes/maps made your head spin and you were always ended up trying something new. However, the game heavily relies on teamwork. So those knobs who want to Leroy Jenkins the map, they will screw over your entire team. So I noticed that barely happened during the game. A lot of people worked together and actually communicated to make it quite a great experience

Unless it’s TitanFall, pass on all other FPS and get Battlefield ASAP

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