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TV Review: Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Mid-season Review

Updated: May 28, 2019

We're now halfway through season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead, and I have to say, I'm still just as excited for this show as I was when it first came out.

Sam Raimi has really been pushing the bar for this season, and I love it! The new twists on old gags that just bring a whole new level of hilarity, with a healthy dose of gross really brings the Evil Dead franchise to life in a whole new way that hasn't been seen in the movies.

A new demon has been unleashed by the Necronomicon, and he isn't messing around. And he makes Eligos look like a minor demon. Baal turns people against each other, all while wearing the skin suit of the victim that he's skinned. Not to mention the meat suit of said victim can be inhabited by a Kandarian demon.

But my absolute favourite so far would be Ash's beloved Oldsmobile Delta 88 was briefly possessed by a Kandarian demon, and went on a rampage on some unsuspecting high school kids, which, in my opinion, had the goriest kill in the show thus far. To take it down, unfortunately Ash had to literally puncture the car's engine with his chainsaw. It was painful to watch.

The Necronomicon was cast away into the demonic portal that manifested in the delta's trunk, which is what Baal had used to traverse onto Earth. Though soon after, the book started to manifest itself on Pablo's skin. According to Ruby, that was the only way to banish Baal and stop the death trail that he was leaving behind.

Sadly, there were also a couple more casualties. Then again, it's to be expected. First was Ash's father Brock (Lee Majors), and just as they were about to make amends for the past. By the delta herself. And then there was Chet (Ted Raimi), Ash's long-time best friend, having his heart torn out by a... heartbreaker.... Get it?

*Ahem* Moving on.

Saving the best for last, so far, to the surprise and excitement of long-time fans, was the brief resurrection of Ash's sister Cheryl. What was even better was the fact that they brought back Ellen Sandweiss, the original actress, to play the role, much to the enjoyment to the fans of the original film.

So, that brings us to questions for the remainder of season 2. Will Pablo perish once the necronomicon finishes manifesting itself on his skin? Will we lose any more major characters at the hands of Baal? Will Ash ever find out what Brock tried to tell him before he was crushed by the delta?

Only time will tell.

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