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Movie Review: Jack Reacher 2

Updated: May 28, 2019

Yes, I like Tom Cruise movies. I am not a person who discriminates actors on their beliefs, even though it is considered off the wall and crazy. But Tom Cruise has been a staple in acting for almost 4 decades. It is very rare to find a Tom Cruise film that was not good, but people are quick to watch his films because of his beliefs, not because of his acting ability. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, was beat at the box office on opening weekend by a Madea film. So I went in to this film assuming people made a poor decision. I hope.

Now the first Jack Reacher was AMAZING. It had a solid storyline, action, explosions, a kickass car and was a perfect fit for Tom Cruise. The second one, the only really thing that was going for it was Cobie Smulders(Avengers, How I met your Mother). All I can say about her is, Hot Damn. No joke, that made the film great for me. LOL

The 2nd Jack Reacher takes place well after the first film with no explanation why Jack Reacher is living in seedy motels and why he doesn’t have a vehicle. I am not 100% sure why he doesn’t have a vehicle but the whole hitch hiking thing was extremely irritating. But let’s get to the most irritating part of the movie, the Story line. Not sure if there was a writer strike or they couldn’t afford anyone to write a believable story, but the plot was extremely, meh. Jack Reacher helps out the Military police after retiring from the Military Police so he can date someone who is a major in the Military Police? Is your head still spinning?

So he hitch hikes all the way back to DC to meet Cobie Smulders character, just to find out she was arrested for espionage the day before conveniently and was replaced a very suspicious colonel who tipped Reacher off instantly that something was wrong. This begins the journey will Reacher begins an investigation to find out what happened and how deep this goes. Along the way he finds out he has a daughter as well? Reacher seemed very interested in dating Cobie Smulders character but yet, doesn’t pull the “trigger” when given the chance? What?

The intense action and the odd banter with Reacher’s “daughter” was the only thing that kept me interested in this film. But, we can only hope that they do not make a 3rd film, regardless if Cobie is in the film or not.

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