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Movie Review: The Magnificent 7

Updated: May 28, 2019

Now it has been many many moons since a decent western has come out. Understanding that Spaghetti Westerns have died a lot time ago, but it also seemed like westerns in general died the early 2000’s. I grew up watching classics such as Unforgiven, Tombstone, Wyatt Earp and The Quick & The Dead. Understanding this is a remake of a film from my father’s generation where Westerns were king, I was excited to see it. Plus the cast it boasted made it very hard to pass on.

Typical western storyline, village is being destroyed by a greedy tyrant(Bogue) for the search of gold. After one horrible incident, many villagers perish to the guns of Bogues hired men and they take over the small town. The village saves up to hire a gun to seek revenge and to get Bogues men out of the city. This brings us to Denzel Washington’s character, whom is a Bounty Hunter named Chissom. He happens to go to a town completing a bounty when he bumps into one of the villagers wives who survived Bogue’s attack. Even after being offered money, he was declining until he heard it was Bogue and his money that committed the atrocity.

After learning on how many men Bogue had enlisted, he began to form a team of effective gunslingers, hunters and overall killers which consists of Chris Pratt(Starlord from Guardians of the Galaxy), Vincent D’Onofrio(Kingpin from Daredevil), Ethan Hawke(Training Day) and others that you have seen from past films. The cast complimented themselves very well and had excellent chemistry with all their respective characters.

The action and gunplay in this film was quite awesome to watch. It reminded me of the epic gun battles from Tombstone and Wyatt Earp but with the gore toned down a lot. But with the addition of the Chris Pratt humor and extension action throughout the film, it kept your attention all the way through. However, the only thing I can call BS on was that howitzer. That howitzer was able to shoot down an entire town with amazing accuracy. Even I know the shots/kills it had would be a feat. Beyond that, the film was solid.

Just to point out that there is tons of Easter Eggs that referenced classic Western films.

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