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Meeting my Heroes at Fan Expo

Updated: May 28, 2019

This Fan Expo was very dear to me. More than the previous years. This year, I made it a life goal to meet people who I found truly inspiring to me. In the past I have met Michael Rooker, David Hasselhoff, Malcolm McDowell, John Noble, The cast of Sailor Moon, Norman Reedus, and hell even Rocco from the Boondock Saints. But after I saw this line up, I knew I would be shelling out some cash to meet some people that are very dear to me. Once I pitched this to the Droids Canada team, they were instantly in.

Stan Lee

We knew this would be Stan’s last Fan Expo, but we are pretty convinced 2016 will be it for Stan. When I found out, I told Gabby and she insisted that we NEEDED to meet him. I greatly concurred. Stan is such a kind hearted, gentle and amazing person. Responsible for so many characters in the Marvel Universe, he is considered a god from the comic book industry. But it really wasn’t until the MCU was built where he was in almost every single film where multiple generations of comic book fans instantly knew who he was. From telling Jason Lee how to love in Mallrats to being a strip joint DJ, Stan The Man, has seen it all. When we waited in line for Stan, all 3 of us were super nervous. But as soon as the curtain was pulled back and we saw how nice he was, the nervous feelings vanished. You could tell how tired he was, but we all ensured we thanked him for his time!

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes:

What can be said about the “Power Couple” from my high school years? A lot actually. Probably a lot of incriminating things as well. Almost everyone knows the weed purchasing song and can always laugh at the shenanigans that Jay and Silent Bob got into. I remember when I was in high school, if you did not know who Kevin Smith was, you were considered an outcast. No joke. His films influenced many people to become filmmakers. With classics such as Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob strike back and so forth(Not a fan of Chasing Amy, sorry), how could you not love these guys? Well Film wouldn’t be the first thing that Kevin was an influence for. He also revolutionized podcasting!

He was one of the main people(and Chris Hardwick) that inspired me to start my very own podcast! You can guess that yes, I was nothing but a bundle of nerves as the line got closer to the photo op that Dan and I were in. As the line inched closer, I literally had no idea what to say. Should I throw myself at them and complete the “I’m not worthy” scene from Wayne’s World? I didn’t have a chance. Kevin already pulled me aside to check out the Droids Canada merch. “I love this shirt man.” Maybe he didn’t mean it, it didn’t matter, I felt like a million bucks. Then he realized we brought a framed photo of Tom Skerritt and thought that was the best thing ever. I am actually curious if he will bring it up on smodcast or not. But our picture was taken and he looked at me and said “You’re doing good. Keep it up,” and gave me a huge hug. After what it feels like I have been hitting constant brick walls as of late, that was the pick me up I needed.

Thank you Kevin.

Alan Tudyk

If you don’t know who Alan is, you have clearly lived under a rock. What is hilarious to me, people only remember him as Wash, and only the part when he died in Serenity. I recall him from numerous things. Such as I, Robot. He was the frickin robot. That film was amazing. What about Dodgeball? He was the devious Steve The Pirate Gyarrrrr! What about the show ConMan that just came out with Fillion?? A lot of people are missing out on some great quality shows. When we got to meet Alan, he was very reserved and very polite. After the photo op, I bumped into him between tables and I thanked him again for the photo. He smiled and said “no problem.” What a standup guy.

George Takei

How do you not know Sulu? Well if it wasn’t for the powerhouse of Facebook, there would be a huge chance some people would not have met him. George Takei is a part of my earliest childhood memories, mainly because my father was a huge fan of the Star Trek movies. One of my favorite films from that series was Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. During that film specifically, Sulu was the Captain of the Excelsior I believe. My favorite line from the film was:

Sulu: We need to Faster

Engineer: If we go any faster we will fly apart


When we walked up to George, he instantly saw the framed photo of Tom Skerritt and he thought it was amazing. He went on to tell us that he actually went to school with Tom. It appeared that George wanted to tell us a story but we were hurried along. One day we will sit down the great George Takei… One day!

Mark Hamill

Finally, the man who literally voiced my childhood and most of my adult life. Mark Hamill claim to fame initially was Star Wars as he played the quite popular Luke Skywalker. He help molded the Sci Fi industry in the 80’s and we’ll be considered an iconic in the industry. But it wasn’t his role in Star Wars that blew my mind, it was his voice acting. When I was young, I watched Batman: The Animated Series religiously. At that time, the role of the Joker was played by Cesar Romero and Jack Nicholson in the films. But to me, it didn’t quite sit from what I read in the comics. It wasn’t till Hamill voiced the Joker where that character came to life for me. Now whenever I read a Batman comic, I perceives the voice of the Joker as Hamill’s alone. I was more excited to meet Mark Hamill more than anyone else. In all reality, we weren’t supposed to meet Mark. But it wasn’t until Dan convinced me(and also convinced me that Tom Skerritt should be in the photos as well) that it came to fruition. Mark was epic and helped Dan achieve his dream in recreating the Yoda scene from Empire. Except for the fact Mark was Yoda.

John Barrowman

What can be said about John that no one already knew? John is a Wildman. This is the second time myself and Sr. Stevil met Captain Jack Harkness. But, it would be the first time that GabbyPool met him. John is a class act. While waiting in line, John entertained the crowd to get them excited to meet him. However, no kissing or John picking up anyone was allowed. That was the rules I was told. Our interaction with John the second time around was not as intimate as the first time, but he was still a lot of fun! I always recommend meeting John if you ever get the chance!

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