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Game Review: Pokemon Go Review

Updated: May 28, 2019

“The things that you own, will eventually own you.” – Tyler Durden; The Fight Club

Pokémon which has been around for well over a decade has evolved into another form. A form that our current society is not ready for. Pokémon Go, for your mobile device. This now enables players to walk around their local towns to find rare Pokémon and capture them. This also utilized maps and landmarks to congregate and recharge your pokeballs. Now, on paper this sounds like an amazing idea. And it is in one way. It promotes kids to get off of their ass and get some well needed cardio.

This type of technology/game is not new. Its quite old actually. I played similar games when Android was still in the “Froyo” OS. I believe, I played that used the same concept but it was with dodging zombies while using google maps. It was fun for a while but wore off rather quickly. I know there was others games like it, but nothing that interested me whatsoever. Now, I will admit. I was never a huge Pokémon fan. It came out when I was super heavy into RPG’s like Rifts, DND and etc. However, I understood the concept but it never captivated me to ever want to play the game. But when I heard this game was coming out and what the concept was, I was very skeptical.

So when it launched stateside, I downloaded the APK and gave it a shot. I can see the appeal instantly. With the amount of walking I do on a daily basis, this game was extremely appealing to me. There is a lot of landmarks on my daily route that I could stop at and enjoy the game. That was, until the game spread like a wildfire. Now it is borderline chaos. Even in the small town I live in, there is groups of 15 – 20 people sitting at monuments/pokestops for hours on end, hoping to find a rare Pokémon. On my morning walk, I pass between 3 – 5 people walking down the street looking for a Pokémon. And they are not even playing attention where they going! And the age groups are all over the map. I have seen more adults playing Pokémon than I have children. Isn’t this a child’s game? Shouldn’t we have out grown it? Or is it in the same category as Magic: the Gathering or RPGs? It’s hard to say at times. However, I feel this should have been more of child’s game rather young adult – adult. I couldn’t possibly playing games from my childhood at my current age. I highly doubt I would find Pog’s or Marbles meet ups.

Power to you if you like the game, but the game has been involved in some rather interesting ignorance. For example, there has been multiple deaths, car accidents and even violence surrounding the game. The problem is, the adults don’t know how to play a game and be responsible at the same time. 2 people fell off of a cliff. FELL OFF OF A CLIFF. Like how in the blue hell do you not notice a cliff?! Oh I know. You were ON YOUR PHONE. We live in a society that our use of the once “luxury” now turned necessity item known as cellphone, is being policed by local law enforcement because of peoples ignorance. Texting and driving or also known as “distracted driving” has now grown a huge statistics in car accidents. In the city of Toronto, due to people not paying attention of where they are walking while texting, they will be incorporating a law to stop “distracted walking.” It is just the tip of the iceberg. Local police are now putting out awareness campaigns to stop the stupidity.

I don’t think that humanity is ready for a game like this. We have a hard time communicating with each other without our words being misconstrued or being considered offensive/hurtful. Hell, we have a hard time going 3 minutes while driving without looking at our phones for a text message or social media at the expense of possibly killing someone. It’s not the cell phone carriers, social media or even Pokémon’s fault. It’s our fault. We have forgotten what the difference between a necessity and a luxury. And because of that, morons who fall off cliffs, walk out into highways, or drive into parked cop cars(no joke) exist. You laugh but that could be you one day if you don’t pay attention.

Be responsible when you play Pokémon GO is all I am asking.

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