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Cosplayer Spotlight: SnowHawkCosplay

Updated: May 28, 2019

We had a chance to sit down with SnowHawk Cosplay!

Droids: This week we have a treat for our fellow geeks! We get to sit down with the SNOWHAWK Cosplay! Thank you for sitting down with us for an installment of Cosplayer Spotlight!

Response: Thank you for inviting me to sit with you and talk about cosplay. It is a real honour to be featured by Droids Canada.

Droids: Easy/typical questions first. What was the first convention you attended? What was the most memorable part of that convention?

Response: I’ve been attending conventions for over 12 years now. My first convention was Fan Expo in 2004. What sticks out in my mind from that year was it was the year the power went off in the convention centre. They would only let a handful of people up onto the show floor. Fan Expo was a smaller event back in those days, compared to what it is today. I wasn’t cosplaying back in those days. I didn’t start that until 2013. Fan Expo that year was my first experience in cosplay. I was hooked. I’ve been cosplaying ever since.

Droids: Is there a cosplay you will not do? If so, and Why?

Response: Batman…

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to do Batman. He is one of my favourite characters and I idolized Batman when I was a kid. But if I was going to do Batman I would want to do it right. I would want the costume to be perfect because to me, the character deserves it. So right now, I won’t do Batman until my skills are at the point where I can do the character justice.

Droids: What was your favorite cosplay costume that you've done so far?

Response: Thor. Thor was fabricated by my friend Dee Elle Cosplay. I’ve made some upgrades and changes to it over the years. It is clearly my favourite. It is a fun character to portray, and people love it. Kids get excited to see Thor, and it’s amazing how many adults get excited to see Thor as well.

Droids: Do you have a favorite convention? If so, which one is it, and why?

Response: Niagara Fall ComiCon is my favourite. Niagara Falls is just a fun town to begin with. So not only is the ComiCon there, there are so many other things to do while you are there. NFCC has a good selection of retailers so you can easily find the comics and action figures you need to complete your collection. NFCC also has a wide array of celebrities from all genres. I’m a huge wrestling fan and I grew up watching 80’s television, so it’s great to see the legends and stars I grew up watching in the 80’s. There are a lot of talented cosplayers in the Niagara Region, so it’s a great event to just hang out with friends and have fun.

Droids: What was the hardest costume for you to make to date? What made it so difficult?

Response: I’ve had challenges with each costume. With my style I recycle items I have laying around and repurpose them for my cosplays. My Star-Lord, Ant-Man and Red Hood helmets were fabricated from items I had kicking around. Each cosplay challenged my abilities and lead to the next cosplay project. The hardest to date is my new Kylo Ren costume. It’s been difficult for me because I can’t sew. I did try, but I failed miserably. My wife was able to help me and come up with a great looking costume. Now I have a new goal, and that’s to work on my sewing. I’ve been able to stitch details onto leather jackets, but working with patterns and fabrics is a new challenge and I aim to work on it to develop those skills as a cosplayer.

Droids: Is there a cosplayer that you look up to for inspiration?

Response: Just one? There are lots.

HogTown FX and AS Creations. I wish I could have their skills and abilities.

Dee Elle Cosplay. She was there from the start of me cosplaying and has been there ever since encouraging me.

Meekobits. She’s a great friend and it’s been an absolute pleasure teaming up with her over the past year. She is a talented artist and cosplayer and she inspires me to work harder every day, and I am proud of the work we have done together.

Droids: Is there a Con that you have not gone to yet but aspire to do so?

​Response: I want to go to Calgary Expo. I lived in Alberta 15 years ago. Calgary Expo was just starting out back in those days, and it’s grown into a massive event. Plus any reason to go back out west, is a good reason!

Droids: Do you have a funny experience from a comic con that you want to share?

​Response: Just before Con Bravo in 2014, it was announced that Thor would be a woman in the comics. At the event I had countless people come up to me and tell me that Thor was now a Disney Princess (Marvel being a subsidiary of Disney). Dr Stevil interviewed me (Thor) about becoming a “princess”. From there it erupted into a version of “Part of Their World” from the Little Mermaid. It’s all on YouTube. It’s really funny and what makes it even more amazing is it was all spontaneous.

Droids: Is there anything else you want to add about cosplay or yourself in general or

perhaps promote something that may not have already been covered?

Response: Cosplay has been a fun hobby for me over the past 3 years. It’s been a creative outlet for me and it has allowed me to meet amazing people who have become great friends to me. I’ve also been able to experience things that I never thought were possible. It’s an amazing rush to be involved in a parade with 12,000 people looking at you cheering you on… or even bringing a smile to a shy kid’s face who can barely talk to you. It wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family and friends who let me dress up and pretend for a day.

Droids: It was an absolute pleasure sitting down with you! Congratulations on your continued success as an amazing cosplayer!

We hope to see you at a Convention some time!

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