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Movie Review: The Resurrection of Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Updated: May 29, 2019

Jake the Snake Roberts is a legend in the wrestling industry. For 2 things. His in ring performance and his known substance abuse. This film was not what I expected but it turned into an uplifting story of battling ones demons, overcoming addiction, and making things right with everyone he wronged.

Jake has gotten a bad rap over the years. From mid carding WrestleMania’s with 30k people in attendance to his current state of wrestling in front of 300 people in a high school gymnasium, this proves he is the poster child of throwing one’s life/talents away. But, he has also been exploited more than once by the media and what little credibility he had left was destroyed by the movie, “Beyond the Mat.” Understanding that is a matter of debate depending on who you ask, at the end of the day the facts were correct.

A) Jake Roberts was an addict to alcohol and cocaine.

B) He ruined with marriage and wrestling career because of it.

C) He was an end product of being raised poorly as a child

I saw Jake years ago at a small wrestling event in the Niagara Region and he looked horrible then. But when I saw him in this film, he looked worse. I didn’t even think it was possible. He returned to WWE programming for a small stint about 10 years ago and at that time the WWE released a documentary called “Pick Your Poison,” I honestly believed that Jake might finally have woken up to sobriety. No Such luck. This documentary starts in 2011/2012, years well after the fact. The film follows around DDP(Diamond Dallas Page) as he picks up Jake Roberts and helps him to the road of recovery. He facilitates Jake’s living arrangements, diet and even introduces him to DDP Yoga. This was not an easy road as he stumbles off the path of sobriety multiple times. He sets the goal to wrestle in the royal rumble after he goes 100% clean living and gets back into shape.

This film was a real tearjerker. If you have watched any of the other the documentaries, you did see the human side of Jake before, but never the 10% sober version of him. Small spoiler though, along Jake’s path and unexpected “Bad Guy” passenger joins the journey. I would strongly suggest giving this film a watch and I pray that Jake kept his sobriety.

Jake if you stayed on the path, we are very proud of you!

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