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TV Review: NXT Takeover: The End

Updated: May 29, 2019

Since the return of Game of Thrones and a number of other things on the Droids Canada’s plate you may have noticed that Real or Jabroni has been on a bit of a hiatus. With Game of Thrones coming to a close and having a large gap until The Walking Dead returns in October I am sure there will be plenty of Real or Jabroni in the near future. But until then I just wanted to get a little article out there.

Now on June 8th NXT held their 11th network special entitled ‘The End’.  Now so many people had theories as to what exactly ‘The End’ meant and I will get to that a little bit later.  There were 5 matches on the card and I want to touch on those before getting to the rest and some other thoughts on NXT itself.

Tye ‘The Perfect 10’ Dillinger vs Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas   (6 minutes)

This was the debut of Almas or as some others may know him La Sombra without his mask.  It was the Perfect 10 against 100.  Dillinger has been on a bit of a streak in NXT which is nice to see because he is from my area and neck of the of woods and trained in part by the same trainer I had when I was trained some 16 years ago.  Match was solid and they mentioned Andrade’s IWGP Intercontinental reign which is now held by Kenny Omega.  Good chain wrestling in the early on.  But solid quick pace to get the crowd going.  Almas gets a clean win with a pretty sick looking basement style double knee strike in the corner.

The Revival vs American Alpha (c)   NXT Tag Championship  (15 minutes)

Crowd is behind American Alpha all the way.  The match is a very old school style with movesets and how it all played out.  Constant comebacks with double teams by American Alpha but The Revival with underhanded tactics would get the momentum back and hold it until the hot tag to Jordan hits which leads to a number of close falls for both teams.  American Alpha sets up for the Grand Amplitude but is countered and leads to The Revival hitting the Shatter Machine for a clean victory and their 2nd NXT Tag Title reign.  

The Revival leaves the ring and heads to the back when American Alpha is attacked in the ring by 2 massive individuals (Sunny Dhinsa and Gzim Selmani) that are known as the Authors of Pain.  Gable and Jordan are man-handled and left in a heap when Paul Ellering comes from the back (WWE Hall of Famer and former manager of the Road Warriors/Legion of Doom).  The crowd chants ‘Who are you?’  which is odd for a Full Sail crowd a lot of people think it was directed at Paul I am thinking it was to the Authors because they haven’t really had any on screen time at all.

Austin Aries vs Shinsuke Nakamura (16 minutes)

Solid grappling to start but the crowd is split. Both of them taunt each other back and forth.  Solid control by Aries for period of the match with a slower pace until Nakamura comes back with flurry of knees and kicks. Discus elbow by Aries to a tope suicida dislodges the barricade outside (Looked stiff as hell).  Nakamura tries for the Kinshasa but its reversed to knee breaker to awkward botched suplex into the Last Chancery.  There is a battle on the apron ending with Aries hitting DVD to Nakamura on apron.   Aries destroys himself on a failed tope suicida.  Which allows Nakamura to put him away with the Kinshasa in the end.

Nia Jax vs Asuka (c) for Women’s NXT Title (10 minutes)

They have built up Nia Jax as this monster that very few have been able to stop.  She earned the title shot by way of a 3 Way Dance to get the #1 Contender spot due to an injury to Bayley.  The match was the typical David and Goliath match.  Asuka would get a bunch of moves in and stagger Nia and then with one retaliation Asuka goes down.  I just can’t stand Nia Jax I think she is terrible in the ring and I just wanted the match to be over.  After about 10 minutes I got my wish as Asuka beat her down with a series of kicks after a failed attempt at the Asukalock.

Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe (c)   Cage Match for NXT Championship (17 minutes)

This match starts off a slugfest between Joe and Balor.  Eventually it breaks down and Balor takes a number of biels into the cage.  Similar speed vs power matchup as in previous match but pulled off a lot better by the more experienced wrestlers.  Solid spots on the cage and ropes.  Balor hits 3 Sling Blades including one off the top rope.  Coup de Grace but only a two count.  Crowd wants him to hit it off the top of the cage.  Finn attempts to hit 1916/Bloody Sunday but reversed to Coquina Clutch reversed to a double stomp.  Finn climbs the cage but Joe catches him in a Muscle Buster off the middle rope for the clean pin and retains the belt.

Now post show Triple H had a Facebook live event in which there was a major announcement.  And this is where it was revealed in the end as to what ‘The End’ meant.  NXT is now no longer developmental and is a brand of its own.  Now I always felt it was a brand of its own and developmental at the same time kinda like a farm team.  The ‘brand extension’ on the horizon does this mean that we could potentially see John Cena on NXT then?  

I also feel that after this event there are going to be a couple of call ups to the main roster before the upcoming split and draft.  I think American Alpha is going to get a call up to the roster after dropping the belts as well as I think this is the perfect time to bring Finn up as well and potentially get him worked into ‘The Club’.  Maybe he doesn’t get pulled into ‘The Club’ right away but I don’t see them ignoring that connection completely.  Give him the call already he is more than ready and we are more than ready to see it.

Now on June 8th NXT held their 11th network special entitled ‘The End’.  Now so many people had theories as to what exactly ‘The End’ meant and I will get to that a little bit later.  There were 5 matches on the card and I want to touch on those before getting to the rest and some other thoughts on NXT itself.

My predictions for NXT: Brooklyn

Shinsuke Nakamura vs Samoa Joe for NXT Title

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa vs The Revival for NXT Tag Titles

Asuka vs Bayley vs Nia Jax for Women’s NXT Title

Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode

Eric Young vs Tye Dillinger

So as you can tell with my thoughts of Finn, Gable and Jordan we need to fill those gaps and honestly the only Tag Team that has really done anything on TV is Ciampa and Gargano.  We’ve seen Roode twice now once in the crowd and the other backstage at The End he has to be close.  Young has already appeared in the NXT ring so I am hoping the deals are near done and we can move forward with some new talent in the ranks.

Well like I said just a little something to fill the gap between now and the end of Game of Thrones for the next couple weeks until we bring back some episodes of Real or Jabroni.  Guys don’t forget to give us all a follow on Twitter @DroidsCanada @Deadpuhlio @GabbyPool @CdnMountainMan and of course don’t forget the ‘Like’ on Facebook as well!

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