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Movie Review: The Do Over

Updated: May 29, 2019

This is second film in for the Sandler/Netflix deal. I couldn’t in good conscience write a review on the last film. I honestly do not even know why I even watched this film. The only safe assumption, is that I must have been really bored on Sunday to watch this piece of junk. I was a huge Adam Sandler fan back in the day when he made good films like Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore and hell, even the Water boy.

But he has been stuck in this tailspin of making poor movies for many years now and just when you think he is about to pull up, he nosedives again. I think the last film I saw him make was Click. And even then, that movie wasn’t that great.

David Spade returns as the main character named Charlie who is clearly someone who is not happy with their life. Currently living the high life as a branch bank manager in a grocery store with 2 kids that are not his that treat him horribly, still driving the same old car from high school and lives in his family home still. But, he did marry his high school crush who cheats and treats him horribly. It wasn’t until a high school/college reunion is where he runs into his old friend Max who is played by Adam Sandler.

Max seems to be an awesome person to hang out with.. once a year.. in a controlled environment. But that’s it. I just find it hard to believe that a character like Charlie or anyone for that matter would believe a person who continuously lies. And these are not small lies. First he was an FBI agent, then he worked in a morgue and etc. Oh, and constantly putting your life on the line for some kicks. But I guess it is always good to know a guy who plans to fake your death so you can get a do-over. Let me sum up this film. Max decides that he and Charlie need a do-over. So he fakes their deaths, gives them new identity which were people who died that were on the run and for what? A possible cure for cancer? Who wrote this.

This film relies on a lot of crude humor. One thing I never wanted to see in this life is ball sweat dripping onto David Spade’s face. There may be a small minority of people who may like that garbage, but the majority does not. I think Adam Sandler films should go the way of the Western. And die off already. This film is a clear indication that the “huge” Netflix deal was a bad idea and not even Sandler cares about his work.

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