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Movie Review: The Nice Guys

Updated: May 29, 2019

I have been wondering if I should even check out this film since I saw it’s trailer in theatre. It’s been awhile since I have seen Russell Crowe or even Ryan Gosling in a good role. So I decided to give this film a shot. On cheap night. Judge if you want.

Russell Crowe grew to fame because of his performance in Gladiator. He has done a ton of films since then, and some that did very well. He still finds ways to outshine his cast members and always delivers a huge performance. But in The Nice Guys, the only way I can explain it would be to coin the phrase from wrestling, it felt like he was “putting Ryan Gosling over” on the audience. Crowe takes more of a backseat type of role to Gosling’s character in this film. And the film chemistry just works.

Russell Crowe plays a bruiser and can even considered as a thug for hire. If the price is right, he will knock out the person causing issues. Ryan gosling on the other hand, plays a sketchy, low life, private investigator who is willing to look for anyone for a buck. Even if he knows he won’t be able to help the person. He is quickly portrayed as a deadbeat alcoholic parent who never got over the loss of his wife’s passing. He holds himself responsible for her death because he does not have the ability to smell, and it was a gas leak that caused her passing. His daughter plays more of a mother role to ensure that her father goes to work and makes money so they can survive.

It wasn’t until a mutual case/job is where Russell and Ryan meet up. Ryan was hired by a young girls Aunt to track her down as she was missing and Russell was hired by the young girl to stop anyone from looking for her. After Russell sets Ryan’s character straight and stop looking for her, he has a change of heart after he is attacked by thugs looking for the girl. That is when Russell decides to hire Ryan to help him find the girl as she is in endanger.

Ultimately, this film was not a huge budget to shoot, but it really spent it’s budget correctly. There was no need for any huge overheard for such a simple film. Also, the pairing of Crowe/Gosling was borderline perfect. They seem to feed off of each other perfectly which lead to some hilarious scenes and bone cracking action that made the film very enjoyable. I would strongly suggest checking this film out. Sex. Comedy. And Porn.. ish. Why not?

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