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TV Review: Arrow

Updated: May 29, 2019

All the season finales for our SuperHero shows have completed. This year we were treated with very successful runs of Flash and Gotham. However we had some shows fall short such as Agent Carter(cancelled), S.H.I.E.L.D(lost interest), SuperGirl(cancelled but luckily was picked up by CW), Constantine(cancelled but did a walk on Arrow), DC’s Legends of Tomorrow(lackluster reviews) and Arrow(was a flop according to the fan base).

I am sure there is other shows I missed, but it seems like that Arrow is being put up on the chopping block over everyone else. And quite honestly, that is not fair. This may have not been the best season of Arrow, but it was not the worst show in the lot. I like how no one every talks about agents of Shield. Is it because it is a the only Marvel show still breathing?

Stephen Amell is taking tons of heat over a frickin TV show. Did we all forget that it is simply a television program? This guy is beyond an actor. He is a genuine good person who cares what happens with this world.  Maybe some people need to wake up and follow in his footsteps rather post hate messages about him on Facebook. I don’t know, just a thought? Yes, I had an encounter with him awhile back. And yes, he put me in my place. I was an ass about a post I made about TMNT 2, and he corrected me in my ways. I have apologized to him in the past and whether he chose to accept it or not, is up to him. I posted several times on his Facebook if he ever wanted to get a beer when he was in Toronto, it would be on us. But like I said, that’s up to him.

Anyways, let’s talk about Arrow. There was some pot holes in the show that can be paved over. This season had positives and some negatives. The positives is some new character development and finally someone stayed dead in the storyline. Sadly it was Laurel Lance. But, let us be honest, there is only so many times you can  resurrect someone without being considered a little excessive. We get that the Arrow may be a tad invincible in one way, but to rez Speedy, Ollie, original Black Canary and then Laurel? Kind of a stretch. Unfortunately, a sacrifice needed to occur, and sadly it was Laurel.

The biggest problem in DC’s LoT is that there is too many characters and storyline arcs. As a casual fan, it is hard for it to keep my interest. And this season of Arrow, it felt like it was suffering the same issues. It felt overcrowded. You had Speedy, Arsenault, Spartan, Ollie, Felicity, Merlin, Cpt lance, Felicity mother, Damian Dark, Spartan’s brother, Spartan’s wife, Constantine, Flash, and more. There was SO much going on it felt like it was a tad overbearing for a casual fan.  I know you can start that argument that Flash follows a similar equation to to their storylines, however, it is normally Flash with the help of xyz to defeat generic Meta Human #1. Not like Arrow, where it is Ollie/Spartan/Black Canary/Spartan’s wife/Speedy with possibly help with Cpt Lance vs Damian Dark.

But now you have Arsenault who exited, Laurel who exited, and Spartan/Speedy possibly leaving, it now gives Ollie a chance to breathe a little bit. I am not sure why people thinking that people exiting a show is a bad thing. It isn’t really, sometimes it is ok to move on to greener pastures. Another concern people had was the on/off again relationship with Ollie and Felicity. Welcome to real life people. Sometimes relationships don’t always work perfectly, sometimes it takes some turbulence for things to balance out. It may have been stretched out a little but doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Give it time.

Damian Dark was an excellent foe for the Arrow. Working in with the Hive storyline, I found myself really enjoying it. But, the season was the best compared to previous seasons. Season 1 we met Merlin and saw glimmers of the league of shadows. It set the table for what was to come for the next few years. Season 2, which is the best in my opinion, Deathstroke came to life. Manu Bennett was amazing in his performance and the the season was a complete nail biter start to finish. Season 3, we met Ras al Ghul. Yeah, about that, I was not a fan of the actor who played Ras. Maybe it is because I am a huge Liam Neeson fan and loved his portrayal of the character from the Chris Nolan Batman series, but it felt like it missed the mark. That season was the worst for the show.

Which brings us Season 4. I literally don’t understand why people are such up in arms about this one. I enjoyed the stories they wrote for it. Maybe they should rewatch Season 3 or better yet, watch the last season of S.H.I.E.L.D before they complain. My only concern that actually urks me is the flashback sequences. It made sense for Season 1 and 2. Now, it just feels like it is just filling time in the episodes. But, if you asked me what would make me happy as an Arrow fan for Season 5? Bring back Deathstroke.

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