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Movie Review: Angry Birds

Updated: May 29, 2019

Now to start this i know what you're thinking, “oh great now the droids are gonna start reviewing kids films”. Trust me don't pass judgement too quickly. There are many scenes in this movie that i'm sure lead to some rather uncomfortable conversations parents had to have with their kids.

Being that my major in art school was computer animation i have a fondness for cg movies whether kids films or not. SInce i've kept you reading past the first paragraph let's go a lil deeper into this not so kid friendly kids movie. Oh yeah by the way there will be a few spoilers so if you haven't seen it, you've been warned

So the story starts off with Red (played by Jason Sudeikis) the angry birds character we all know even if you didn't spend way too long on the toilet trying to pass that damn 2nd level. Red has a bit of an incident at a kids birthday party where he was supposed to be a clown and is sentenced to anger management therapy. I might add that Bird island where he lives is a sickeningly happy place where the worst punishment the law allows is anger management. During his rehabilitation he meets up with some other characters that some will remember from the game, Chuck (the yellow bird played by Josh Gad, is pretty much a rip of of Hammy in over the hedge) and Bomb (played by Danny McBride) who is just as his name implies (the black bomb bird from the game). After a bit of story building, a strange ship shows up carrying pig.

The leader pig Leonard (played by Bill Hader)convinces the gullible birds of bird island that he is friendly and just wants to throw them a party so that he can distract them and steal all the eggs. After they make off with the eggs Red and the other band together to fight the pigs and get the eggs back. The rest is pretty much just the battle where, you guessed it, The birds use a giant slingshot to shoot themselves at the pigs village to destroy it and get their eggs back. Shocker i know. The story itself wasn't anything special, no new twists or anything it's your typical group hates one guy something happens guy no one likes bands the group together to fight the evil doers.

The brilliance of this movie doesn't shine in the story it shines in the cast and all the little “Adult jokes” that are thrown into the movies so parents don't have to sit through another boring kids movies. First point i'll touch on is the cast. There are some big name voice talents in here. Jason Sudeikis, Josh Gad, Danny McBride, Bill Hader, Peter Dinklage, and that's just a few of them, the list goes on with famous people some doing major roles and some are just to throw in there to make you go “hey was that?”. The other part you will notice is that aside from Josh Gad as olaf, the names mentioned above are generally associated with less than kid friendly shows and movies. I love that the script wasn't afraid to use the characters lines from popular TV whether it was something kids should hear or not. That brings me to my other favorite part, the “not so kid friendly” jokes and situations that appear in the movie. With lines like “pluck my life” and “Were not just angry we are angry flocking birds” there really wasn't hiding what they were trying to say. I can only imaging the kids running around saying “pluck my life” and parents trying to backpedal as to what it really means. One character even say “well that blows” in response to a bird that blows up to the size of a city block. I really love that companies are putting in jokes for the parents who will inevitably be dragged to these movies by their kids, but at times this one goes a lil to far. After the eggs are stolen chuck basicly explains to the female birds that since they are gone they should have an Orgy to make more eggs, yeah explain that one to the kids. All in all it was quite funny and kept me entertained, but then again i love animation and one liners so.

Another nice part was the fact that the animation was done by someone other than Pixar or Dreamworks (please don't sue because i said the names). Rovio animation in association with Sony’s Imageworks did all the animation, and i have to say it was pretty well done. There were no human characters and all the animals were very stylized to match the games but overall it was pretty good animation. Its nice to see some new blood coming into the game and doing well since there has pretty much been 2 names when it comes to cg movies. It was clean colorful and fast paced.

Overall I liked it. Even though there really wasn't anything new or exciting with the story, They did a good job bringing in the game elements without it seeming Too cheesey. It was cheesy but not as bad as i expected. There is lots of action and funny characters to keep the kids entertained as well as plenty of jokes to keep the parents entertained (as i said though aren't really hidden so expect some awkward conversations after if you take the kids). If you were a fan of the game you will like it, even if you aren't there is plenty to keep you entertained. If you can't stand kids movies (first of why did you read this far) you might wanna just skip it.

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