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Movie Review: TMNT Out of Shadows

Updated: May 29, 2019

The four heroes in a half-shell are back in this sequel to the 2014 reboot. If you were a fan of the original TMNT cartoon growing up, than this movie is for you. It’s like watching a live-action version of the Saturday morning cartoon that captivated a generation of kids from 1987-1996.

And it seems that the franchise is still growing strong, as new generation embrace Leonardo, the leader, Donatello, the scientific brains of the operation, Raphael, the rebel with a big heart, and Michelangelo,, the fun-loving, pizza-eating party dude.

The main theme of the sequel’s story is that Shredder has escaped from prison and has teamed up with Krang, an evil alien from another dimension, who plans to take over Earth with his vast army of aliens.

It’s up to the Turtles to stop them, along with the help of their reporter ally April O’Neal (Megan Fox) and Casey Jones, (Stephen Amell) a police officer/vigilante with a hockey mask.

If you’re a lifelong Ninja Turtles fan, then you should be familiar with all of these characters. They’re all here for your nostalgia needs: Bebop and Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, and the Foot Clan.

Is this a great movie? Not for the average viewer. For a Turtles fan, definitely. I spent most of my time grinning at the screen as if I were 8 years-old again, being transported back in time to the days when Saturday mornings were must-see TV, VHS tapes were the rage, and going to Toys R Us to get the latest Ninja Turtle action figure was a definite must.

If you’re looking for that kind of escape, I can’t recommend this movie highly enough. If you’re looking for another Deadpool, you won’t find that kind of movie here. The Turtles are for the kids inside all of us who want to embrace our inner child for 2 hours over the weekend.

Go and enjoy! COWABUNGA!!!

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