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TV Review: Banshee Season Finale

Updated: May 29, 2019

The finale of of Cinemax’s Banshee, has aired. And here I am. Confused. The main problem that network writers have is they can never figure out how to wrap up a show. Only a few TV shows such as House, Breaking Bad and Boardwalk Empire were able to do a successful exit with their audience appeased. It isn’t always the shows faults for falling apart.

An article by Todd Puhl Look at Prison break. Amazing 2 seasons. Then the writers’ strike happened and then we had low grade writers essentially write the franchise into a nose dive that they were not able to pull out of. How you know a show is on its way out? Either Aliens show up or it is somehow the governments evil diabolical plan the whole time which has nothing to the show’s core story.

Being as which they had to fight for a 4th season is a true indication that Cinemax did not hold faith in the product and when they did cave, it was only for an 8 episode season opposed to the typical 10 – 12 episode length. Sadly, it was a good decision by Cinemax because even the 8 episodes that aired were jumbled with empty plotlines that left you hollow and bored. Ex-Sherriff Hood never recovered from his girlfriend’s death in the previous season and after seeking vengeance, he fled to the mountains. And now is a mountain man. But after a series ceremonial of murders which includes Proctors niece, Sherriff Brock tracks down Hood to ask him questions. Really? 25 minutes in the season and it is clearly evident they are running on fumes. Which was how the next 6 episodes felt like. Out of gas and just barely made it to the gas station.

They introduce an FBI agent played by Eliza Dushku. Known for her role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, maybe to give the show some spark. Her role was mainly to track down the killer that is committing these ceremonial murders. But she is also a meth head. What? Why is the police/law enforcement always corrupt in this show? And now, the ruthless Gangster Proctor is now the mayor of Banshee. But he is doing meth deals with the Sicilians and the Arians. Thud. Who was the genius that wrote this? How could he have ever been elected? He was under the microscope for drugs, murders and god only knows what else and yet somehow got elected? He was arrested in the last season for murder I believe. Yes, that is believable.

And the one cop who isn’t really corrupted is an ex Neo Nazi named Bunker, who joined the show late into Season 3 who helped off the attack with the Indian gang. He also takes on the Neo Nazi’s as he takes his brother’s wife/child as apparently his brother snapped from all the abuse he took from his father as the Nazi Kingpin. Oh, and Jobe who was kidnapped last season? They got him out after working a deal for money for his release? SMH.

Still reading? Good. Now intertwine all these stories and what do you get?

In the end after all the very poor storyline arcs are tied up(which includes murdering a deranged dude with horns on head), Hood just leaves. After all that? Really? He didn’t want stay with the family he desperately wanted or even kill Proctor for what he did? And where is he going? Shame on you Cinemax. This is just as bad as Jericho.

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