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Game Review: Uncharted 4

Updated: May 29, 2019

Drake retire? BAHAHAH who are you kidding?? Naughty Dog completes this franchise with its 5th and final installment of Uncharted. And yes I am counting the PSP game. Did it live up to the hype or are we just happy it paves the way for the next installment of Last of Us?

You read that right, Drake retired. Now married to the reporter, Drake is enjoying the American Dream. Which is essentially doing some diving work and enjoying the married life. That is until he comes across something from his past and with that, he is back in the game of treasure hunting. In the end, I ended up logging 20+ hours into this game. Naughty Dog did not pull any stops on how far they were willing to go to make this the best Uncharted. Now you have a brother which was never mentioned in the storyline previous to this, and he “dies” while you were trying escape a prison in South America. You think Nathan would never have told his wife about his brother before? I think that would have be something u bring up before you get married. I digress.

The never-ending infamous climbing returns. However a new gameplay mechanic is introduced which is a simple grappling hook. I know, how exciting. But it is really handy! And it had a lot of purpose, especially when you are freefalling, it is quite the life saver.

Naughty Dog hits another home run when it comes down the actual brilliance of the graphics. Whether you are on a stormy rainy hillside, or the  muddy terrain of Madagascar, it is literally mind-blowing on the level of detail and precision this game pulls off. It must be hard for other game developers to reach the bar that Naughty Dog has set for development.

The Bromance continues as the epic duo of Nolan North(Nathan Drake) and Troy Baker(Sam Drake) are working together on another project. More with each other opposed to against each other. They continue to have an excellent and comedic  chemistry which makes the game always fun to play. Of course Sully is back for the final chapter. How could it be an Uncharted game without Sully. Sheesh.

From one extreme to another, they raise the bar for the locations this time around. Ranging from climbing the jungles in South America, climbing castles in Scotland or even enjoying the open world to a volcano in Madagascar. This game yet again delivers an experience that no can or will match for at least another 5 years.  The only negative I had for the game is the flashbacks. Started more so in Uncharted 3, but it is starting to feel like the “Arrow” flashbacks where more and more past scenes are being introduced. All that needed to happen was an opening like Arrow and it would be all set.

Otherwise, it was yet again another amazing installment and be sure to play some Crash Bandicoot! Also, it may not be the end of a Drake’s adventure. Play the Epilogue!!

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