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Game Review: Doom

Updated: May 29, 2019

Insert the Heavy Music here. Doom is back. And finally an instant classic to revitalize the franchise from the flop known as Doom 3. Grow the long hair, white knuckle the controller and prepare for some death metal murdering goodness!

Safe to say, Bethesda/ID Software dumped a ton of cash into this game. But they also made sure they wanted to make this the best installment of the franchise. Following suit from Wolfenstein from a few years ago, they created a nostalgic experience to bring back old players and a good story to bring in new ones. I will say that the soundtrack is what made this game.

This version had customizable weapons, leveling system and armor upgrades. It may not have been in-depth as some players would want, but it was enough to make you work hard to make your weapon more badass. You were provided a huge arsenal to begin with, but to give it that little extra, it didn’t hurt to make the weapons to better. Followed up with a leveling system to get more weapon points, you can trick out  your favorite weapon of mass destruction in no time.

Essentially, they were handing a BFG to a someone who was not ready to use it. And we are ok with that. The Armor upgrades are a little bit trickier. The points you needed to find via secret tunnels and take the armor chips from fallen comrades. The upgrades were a tad stale in my opinion. And you were able to level your characters Health, Armor, or Ammo capacity when you find “the eye of Sauron” tubes. It isn’t the actual eye of Sauron, but it looked like it. Safe bet? Dump everything into Ammo capacity, then health and then Armor. And yes the BFG is back. Powerful but there isn’t enough ammo to be a main weapon. You save the ammo for the bosses you encounter.

This game introduces up close and personal kills. No matter how times I did the same execution, it still made me smile. When I did my first play through, GabbyPool was over and I will have to guess my neighbors thought we were killing things because of how loud we were. The kills are brutal, graphic and extremely violent. So I thought. And then you pick up the chainsaw. It brings murder to a whole new level.

Controls were pretty basic once you get used to them. However, placing the “use” button as the Close Quarters Combat button is not the smartest. If you weren’t lined up to the panel correctly, you would attack it. Otherwise, the controls matched the experience of the game. The Graphics/Sound of this game was amazing. Graphically, it was majestic. Whether if it was the background art or you brutally murdering an imp, it was a feast for the eyes. The Music was the best part of the game. They utilize a specific metal track when a huge mob is arriving. Every time it got you jacked and it was never repetitive. If I was ever to go on a killing spree, this is the music I would listen to. lol

Not giving away too much, but the storyline is the same as always. Scientist had a great idea of going to hell via Mars for research and opens the portal where now the demons can cross over. However, you are the original DOOM marine, revived to battle the monsters. Worst news to wake up to in my opinion.

​“Hey, umm, the hell demons that you defeated are back because we decided to reopen the portal for science. Now there is a cyborg doctor that’s looks like the creepy Borg Queen from first Contact trying to finish the process to make the portal open permanently. Are you busy or can you help?” SMH. In these types of games, you do not need a story, you are just here for the killing.

The multiplayer is where I was disappointed. I played the beta and did not care for it then and then I played it again when I got the copy of Doom. It felt like a clone of Quake 2 from back in the day. All that made me do was download Quake 2 to possibly LAN in the future. Otherwise, I stuck to the single player. There is some replay value. There is a ton of secrets. Secrets to unlock boards from previous Doom installments. Good reason right there in my opinion.

Marine, pick up your rifle and get out there.

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