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Movie Review: X-Men Apocalypse

Updated: May 29, 2019

As it launches this Friday, I was able to snag a copy before the premiere. This movie is a testament as to why I do not like “film critics” which clearly I use the term very loosely. I saw reviews such as “Greatest X-Men film of all time,” which lead me to ask, what film were you watching?

The film focuses around the birth of the mutant race in a way. Apocalypse being known as the first mutant, which is a nice way of saying he is a the “mutant god father.” Before I get too far into my write up/rant, this follows the actual story somewhat. I may not be able to recall every single cell from the comics, but the X-Men film franchise has always veered off of the path in the comics in someway shape or form. But, don’t worry there was some positives.

The beauty part about X-men: Days of Future Past is that he reset the timeline and erased the mistakes from the past(X-Men origins: Wolverine, Xmen: Last Stand) and now we are back in the 80’s. All the main X-Men are younger than the previous cast and there is no Logan, yet. Throughout the story line, we see some in depth story arcs of Cyclops, Jean, Quicksilver, and Storm. They are accompanied with smaller arcs for Angel, NightCrawler and Psylocke. Which I found as a disappointment because there was room to explain their origins. It was more like, here they are, just to make you happy. You’re Welcome. The four horsemen shake up, did irritate me a smidge. It isn’t the end of the world, but I do not recall the Four Horsemen to be Storm, Magneto or Psylocke. I recall Angel who turns into Archangel. But, this could have been an opportunity to create more characters for the franchise.

But what I was pleased with? Finally a correct adaptation of Weapon X. He wasn’t shot in the head and lost his memory.  He didn’t overhear Kurtis Stryker planning his death and then decided to kill everyone. No! He was already Weapon X, locked away, being used for experiments. And finally we got to see a decent berserker rage. It was so violent, it made me uber excited for Wolverine: Old Man Logan story next year!

The storyline jumps on and off course of the comic story line, but ultimately, does deliver a decent X-Men film. However, like Days of Future Past, Quicksilver stole the show. But this is not the best X-Men movie, unfortunately that title still belongs to First Class.

I recommend you see it this weekend, but divorce yourself from the comic storyline before you go.

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