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TV Review: Trailer Park Boys: Season 10

Updated: May 29, 2019

Recently Season 10 was released on Netflix just as the previous two seasons had been. It was shown originally on the Showcase network for the first seven seasons and I have caught the reruns on a handful of other networks like IFC from time to time as well.

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian mockumentary television series created and directed by Mike Clattenburg that focuses on the misadventures of a group of trailer park residents, some of whom are ex-convicts, living in the fictional Sunnyvale Trailer Park in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

IMDb rating 8.5/10

I will admit I am surprised it has gone on this long but I think the creators, writers and producers have figured out the formula for this particular little bit of Canadiana.  The show is only 30 minutes long with commercials so most episodes are maybe 20-25 minutes tops and the seasons are condensed varying from as low as 6 episodes to as many as 10.

Now the first seven seasons were directed and co-written by Mike Clattenburg and the show then took a 7 year hiatus during which Clattenburg sold the rights to the show to JP Tremblay, Robb Wells and Mike Smith (Julian, Ricky and Bubbles) who no co-write all the episodes themselves.  Some of the Netflix produced episodes have been directed by Cory Bowles (Cory), Jonathan Torrens (J-Roc) and one of the Farrelly brothers.

Now if you haven’t seen this show it certainly is a little bit to take in.  But for those that have they have enjoyed the trials and tribulations of Ricky, Julian and Bubbles and their efforts to retire as early as possible in their lives pulling small jobs or big jobs to get ahead.  Some involving theft, drugs, liquor and sometimes all of the above.

As well it shows the relationship between those same characters and the various trailer park supervisors like Barb, Lahey and Randy as they try to get away with all of their schemes.

Season 10 opens up with Julian and the boys being in charge of Sunnyvale.  Julian is running a bar and Ricky is running a ‘dope’ shop with various items and paraphernalia.  Barb returns after serving her sentence in prison with Donna and her new friend Candy.  They impose on Lahey’s place outside the park and drive him back to the liquor and of course that has a number of impacts throughout the season.  Now Barb files an injunction with the courts for getting the park back from Julian and of course the ‘Boys’ don’t have any cash to cover a lawyer so of course they resort to a number of schemes throughout the episodes.

One such scheme is turning the park into a resort that people can stay at and party with an all inclusive nature for booze and due to wording drugs as well.  Which turns into a nightmare for the Boys until they are greeted by some high profile guests like Snoop Dogg, Doug Benson, and Tom Arnold.  Now the interactions between the Boys and the special guests make the entire season especially Tom Arnold who is for all intents and purposes playing up the role of Ricky and even resorts to paying Lucy to have sex with him.  

Now I had no idea those guys were going to even be in the season and when I saw it my jaw hit the floor.  The season was all that much better all the way to the very end.  I think Tom really stole a lot of the latter half of the season.  I was hoping for a little more with Doug Benson but he was in the background an awful lot and to be honest he was more than likely too stoned on set to to do too much interaction.  But hey glad he came out with the others.  

Another major plotline this season is the idea of Trinity and Jacob getting married and of course the savings for the wedding get pulled into the schemes and that is found out by Lucy and Sarah and the others.  Anger ensues, many arguments, Ricky gets kicked out as per the norm.  But eventually with the culmination of events Ricky is shot and is in a coma.  But everything comes together for the wedding and they manage to have the wedding in Ricky’s hospital room.  As someone takes a toke from a joint they blow it into Ricky’s face and his monitors respond.  They eventually used his oxygen tubes as a means to blow smoke right into him breaking him out of the coma.  Julian after the wedding leaves the park the very next day and hitchhikes a ride out of town.  For once no one actually goes to prison which was the norm at the end of a season.  

Now they are signed for an eleventh season but there is no information about the release or production of that season at this time.  It will be interested to see where they go with this particular cliffhanger of an ending.  Also there have been a couple of other things that have occurred outside the production of the show that could affect the upcoming season as well.

On April 2nd Mike Smith (Bubbles) was taken into custody for allegedly assaulting his partner.  The police were called by people outside of the premises where the argument occurred.  His partner stated there was no assault that took place but the police arrested Smith anyways.  Now the fallout of this is actually from Lucy DeCoutere who has since resigned from Trailer Park Boys in light of the Mike Smith incident stating that she cuts out the negativity from other people in her life and removed herself from Trailer Park Boys.

I wonder if part of that has to do with her involvement and her testimony and evidence being torn apart in another recent court case involving Jian Ghomeshi (lead singer of Moxy Fruvous)  It is hard to say the reasons but apparently Lucy will not be back for next season at least at this time.  Cory Bowles and Michael Jackson (Cory and Trevor) had their own fallout with the Trailer Park Boys back after approximately six seasons.  Cory has since returned but Jackson (Trevor) has not and Jacob has easily fallen into the role of Cory’s sidekick.  

I apologize for the little bit of sidetrack I know it was more a review of the season but I thought for the fans of the Trailer Park Boys the added info might be something that is nice to know for some.  I really enjoyed the entire season but once the special guests hit things picked up and I was entertained that much more.  I would love to give the season a full 5 out of 5 but the first few episodes felt a little lacking and not quite was I was looking for.   If you have watched any of the Trailer Park Boys and have enjoyed it then you have to catch up and get to this part of the series.  

4.5 Beards out of 5

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