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Movie Review: Point Break (2015)

Updated: May 29, 2019

We need to find these Hollywood writers who keep making these reboots and stop them. It is becomes an infectious cancer that is slowly destroying my childhood memories and literally turns me off from ever seeing a film in the theatre again. However, with the blessing of the Internet Gods, I downloaded a screener of the film months ago. It has just taken me this long to digest what I watched.

It was a cold, stormy night. I was working diligently on the website when I decided to put a movie on as background noise. I had this sitting on the hard drive for a while so I figured it was time to give it a go. I remember standing in line with the Mountain Man at the theatre, and the promo came on the flat screen. Instantly, the film looked like a car wreck. Why in god’s name would we want to wreck Patrick Swayze’s legacy? Bad enough they are making another “Roadhouse” with “Rowdy” Rhonda Rousey in the film. Barf. But, they literally ruin this classic film. Why? Just why?

The film stars Luke Bracey as Utah. An extreme Sports icon now turned FBI agent after his friend dies in a tragic stunt. Um, ok. Anyways, he is recruited to look into a series of Robberies, just to find out they are done by a group of extreme sport enthusiast. Wheat? The perfect cover. Small world I suppose. He infiltrates this group and realizes Patrick Swayze wannabe v 2.0 is not a bad guy. He is just a guy trying to save the world with robberies and extreme sports.

Hold up. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. Extreme Sports and Robberies. I guess they can go can go hand in hand. I will admit, the stunts in this film were probably amazing and a tad unrealistic. But still cool to see. But it does not save this film in any way. And last I checked, it takes several hours, if not a day to scale a sheer cliff face in South America, not 6 minutes. But whose keeping time these days. Heh.

The movie makes tons of nods to the original film but blunders them at most. How you know your movie is bad, is when you go out of your way to ensure the title of the movie is mentioned in the dialogue. Who does that anyways? What’s next? Will they remake ghost? Most likely. Instead of Demi Moore, use Emily Blunt and use Gary Busey as the Ghost. Now, that would be entertaining.

Save your unlimited bandwidth and dodge this movie.

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