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Movie Review: He Never Died (2015)

Updated: May 29, 2019

This must have been a horrible week in my life, because after tapping out while watching “Pound of Flesh” with JCVD, I thought this movie would erase the film from memory. Somehow, I found an even worse film. Why does it feel like a cruel joke is being played on me?

Before we start this shenanigans, I will admit that Henry Rollins scares the crap out of me. I remember him from the days of his band, Black Flag and the Henry Rollins band. It was some excellent smash mouth music (look up Ghost Rider by HRB for reference). But it shocked me in the 90’s when I saw him in a small thug role in Heat(with Pacino, Deniro, Kilmer) and a body mechanic in Johnny Pneumonic(with Keanu Reeves). And the roles just fit for him.

Then he had a bunch of small roles in TV and recently Sons of Anarchy comes to mind. He plays a Neo Nazi leader of sorts that they needed to deal with. It is really interesting on how well Rollins plays those type of roles. Yet again, another reason why Henry Rollins scares the crap out of me. And my final reason of why Henry Rollins scares me before we get started, I found this youtube video of Rollins on stage interviewing a band, I think it was Sonic Youth and someone threw a shoe or a boat at him. He doesn’t even flinch. He just looks up at them and says, “I know who you are and I have your shoe.” He then points at the guy and says calmly, “I will see you after the show.” I won’t lie. I cried a little.  

This film wasn’t good at all. Understanding that Henry has limited acting ability, this film really plays into that. Rollins plays a character named Jack who lives a very simple and predictable life. He enjoys being left alone and has a secret he doesn’t want shared. He is a cannibal with eternal life. Not exactly something you want shared. He ends up finding out he has a daughter named Andrea(Jordan Todosey) who then causes chaos in this simple life he has.

The film’s failure is not on Rollins at all. Mainly the story. You literally learn nothing of his past during this flick and they focused primarily making this gory and ultra-violent to keep the audience. I personally would like to have learned more about the Jack character. Maybe then I would have given this a better rating.

Sorry Henry.

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