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TV Review: ACS: The People vs OJ Simpson Review

Updated: May 29, 2019

How does one make a known story a successful TV drama? Especially one about the biggest Murder Trial in American History? I was very skeptical when I saw this come down the pipe to be downloaded, but after my girlfriend did some convincing, I decided to give it a shot. I was literally blown away by this TV show. We took over a yearlong court case and crunched it down into 10 episodes of pure TV bliss. I have admit, the word “impressed” does not even explain how epic this was. Also, the choice for actors in this show was Kinda off, especially John Travolta with a wax face, but yet again I was not disappointed.

Ryan Murphy(director), Scott Alexander(Creator) and Larry Karaszewski(creator) produced an intense, and riveting tale about the pro/cons Celebrity status’, and the issues of race/gender discrimination on the mid 1990’s. Understanding that the defense in the actual trial may have exploited race/gender to ensure a not guilty verdict, the show illustrates the growing pressures from the public during this trial. Apparently, I was ignorant to the public’s stake in this court trail. But I was also still in elementary school when it happened. I remember being in class and the principal playing the outcome on the PA system. When they announced the Not guilty verdict, everyone cheered. I really wish I knew why.

The show begins on the night of the Nicole Simpsons murder and ends with acquittal party at O/J’s estate in Brentwood over a year later. Of course we all know how this one ends. But you wouldn’t think that they would be able to cover so much in 10 episodes. FX has been known to stretch shows for extra episodes but allowed this to be only 10. And to be honest, that is perfect. It didn’t feel drawn out and every episode was intriguing.

I have a read few reviews on the show and the consistent one is the acting. The heart of the show was Sarah Paulson who played Marcia Clark and Sterling Brown who played Chris Darden. I enjoyed Chris character a lot as you got to see the trials he needed to endure as a black prosecutor being singled out for being on the “wrong side” of the case by Johnnie Cochran. He showed so much raw emotional during his breakdown in Episode 9 that it caused you to fend off your rage of how Johnnie acted towards him. Speaking of Johnnie, he was played by Courtney Vance who was literally the spitting image of Johnnie Cochrane. I just wasn’t sold on Also, I felt the role of O.J played by Cuba Gooding Jr. Great acting, but I just didn’t get that familiar feeling if that makes sense. Notable mention to the rest of cast and crew for their hard work, especially David Schwimmer as Robert Kardashian.

Understanding there was a few exaggerated/fictional scenes added into the show to have that relation in pop culture. This show was clearly a hit. All in all, this show delivers where tons of Crime shows always fail. It kept in engaged and wanting more every episode. Which is very unusual since everyone knows the story of O.J Simpson. My only slight change would be showing the civil case that followed. But that’s more like a “wish list” item.

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