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TV Review: The Walking Dead Cliffhanger

Updated: May 29, 2019

Ok, everyone needs to calm down. Did we all forget that this is a TV show? Weeks ago it was leaked to myself that the infamous cliffhanger ending was going to occur hence why there was little rage. And even if it wasn’t, I was already expecting it. Why? To lure a guaranteed audience back for Season 7. With how hot this show is, there is no need for this type of tactic but they did it anyways. Why? To further pull in a new audience to keep the gravy train alive..

What people don’t understand or even in some cases even forget, once you get past a certain amount of seasons with a show, you begin to lose your audience. Not because the show is bad, it is because the audience starts to find the characters stale, or certain story predictable/boring. Yes, before you make the comment, The Walking Dead has a lot of source material. But technically, we are at issue 100 via the show and there is only 151 issues in the comic at this point. AMC has already publically announced that they want 12 seasons? Really.

Let’s talk about that for a second. One show that automatically comes to mind is Supernatural. Love the show. How I am still watching it amazes me. Not because it sucks, its because they are reusing the same stories/plotlines and we as an audience keep falling for it. They announced recently that they will be filming season 12. SEASON 12?!?! At this point, the world has almost come to an end 10 times. Maybe it is time to take a hint and accept the fact that the story is now done with. I stand by my comment that the show should have ended after the angels fell.

A typically show gets 5 – 6 seasons before it has run its course. But there has been times when shows have been pushed too fair. Dexter is a prime example. Show could have ended at any point after Season 5. Nope, SHOWCASE wanted to milk this baby dry. In the end, it wrapped in season 7 with one of the worst endings of a show ever. Dexter is now a lumberjack in Canada? Smooth. This is a perfect example of when writers couldn’t figure out how to end it. Prison Break was another example. 4 seasons is short but look how it ended. They literally had no idea how to keep the show going in season 3 and then season 4 made it a government conspiracy. Don’t ask how the Simpsons are still on after 27 years. That alone is confusing.

Now, back to the Walking dead. I get it. You all wanted to know who got put down. But why does it matter? Would it change how you feel about the show depending on which fictional character got their head caved in? For me, I was just excited to see Negan. Sweet sweet Danny Duquette from Grey’s Anatomy played the role perfectly. Unfortunately no “F” bombs, but still, no one could have done it better and with such an amazing entrance.

In closing, the show now has the ability to change the direction of the show for season 7 to anyway it sees fit because they chose not to reveal. That makes me more excited. The show is being unpredictable. That is what makes a good show, not giving what the audience wants. If the audience dictated what happens in the show, Negan would have swung the bat and Randy Orton would have come out of know with an RKO. As Negan hits the ground, the Team America World Police main theme would come on while a Bald Eagle swoops in for an epic close up. ‘Merica.

If you wanna see a bad “Cliffhanger”, watch the movie with Stallone in it.

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