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1.. 2.. Negan is coming for you.

Updated: May 28, 2019

Before I start, I am aware I’m extremely biased. I have my favorites and I definitely have characters that get under my skin. Since I haven’t been on the podcast as of late, I haven't been able to have a lively discussion where I can get feedback on my opinions of who’s gonna bite the dust in the finale, so here are my predictions on who may or may not meet Lucille.

Morgan – Alright, I’m gonna catch some shit for this cause the rest of the crew loves Lenny James (I do too, I promise!) But can Morgan just go already? Yes all life is precious, but if you give that life a chance and it shoots a crossbow bolt through your only doctors eye, you shoot that life right up main street, Deadpool style. Seriously though, Morgan has gone to the extreme which we see often in this show (Farmer Rick, Rictatorship) and you cant survive in the apocalypse like that. Some people were good before the shit hit the fan, and some have always been bad. If you give them the chance to redeem themselves and they don’t, like Dwight in this case, you take that fucker out. And if you can’t stomach that, then you better self-sacrifice, Morgan. I better see you volunteering as tribute, cause that’s where your use is going forward.

Rosita – Man, I hate having Rosita on this list, cause I really like her. She is a strong woman who holds her own and looks good doing it, but since she isn’t in the original crew, and she hasn’t been the focus of any episodes until the back half of this season, it makes me think they’re setting us up to lose her. Denise made her see that she needed to step up, but she is still in reckless break up mode. We can’t guarantee she wont do something stupid and get herself killed, or decide to play a martyr and put herself in the line of fire to save the group.

Abraham – Ugh, such mixed feelings here. As a chick, I’m mad about him just blowing Rosita off, and running to Sasha. It’s hurtful, and it’s selfish. He used Rosita until he found someone he liked better and there was no buffer time. No breaking up with Rosita when he found out he had feelings for Sasha so it wasn’t so sudden just “Kk bai Rosita. Kk Hai Sasha”. Anyway, I predicted Abrahams death long before this happened, because of the shift in focus and the fact that he went from lovable one-liners to full focus. Abraham has been on screen more than Carol or Maggie in this back half and to me, for someone who isn’t a pivotal part of the group, it’s a bad sign. Also, have we noticed that all the men in Sasha’s life died? Bob? Tyrese? I thought so.

Glenn – I don’t know how many times I have to say this – GLENN IS NOT GONNA DIE!! Yes, if you have read the comics, you know that Glenn was the first to meet Lucille up close and personal, and have his insides brought out. That being said, this is NOT going to happen now. Why? Because it’s too easy, too expected. We already had a Glenn/Lucille fake out over the troths at Terminus – it didn’t happen. Then we just had a Glenn dumpster death fake out – didn’t happen. Needless to say, I think Glenn is safe for now, until at least mid way through next season. If he dies, it will be to protect Maggie from ending up like Lori, if she isn’t already in the process of that from last week.. but that’s another story. Glenn is safe.

Daryl – Yvette Nicole Brown said it best on Talking Dead – No main character is going to die at the hands of a second tier villain. Not going to happen. Of course I am biased here because I love Daryl with all my little heart and want him to be alive til the end, but even I know everyone has an expiry date. That being said, I still don’t think this is Daryls demise. He has taken out a tank, fought walkers in a morgue with a autopsy table and a scalpel, fought the claimed gang, and survived being shot in the head by Andrea (am I the only one who remembers this?) Although Negan may have the clout to take down Daryl, I think Rick and Jesus are going to be working in sync to battle him and the saviors. This is an iconic moment, but it wont be Daryl’s death scene.

Carol – This one is tricky. I want to believe Robert Kirkman saying she’s safe, but to me all signs point to her committing suicide like the comics but with a different means. I hope I’m wrong, I really do. I love GI Carol. But she has been cracking, she’s sick of killing, and she wants to protect the ones she loves. If she thinks that she is going to prevent another death and will end her countless sins, she will take down as many saviors as she can in the process of trying to get to Negan and save the group. Save Daryl. Save baby Glaggie. In the end, I think Carol will get to Negan first, and as the men round the corner they will see her about to bite the big one, and with Lucille raised, Negan will make a smart remark like “Hi, I’m Negan. You’re just in time for the show”. Whack. Hearts will collectively break. Daryl will lose it, Rick will feel responsible, the rest of the group will realize exactly how deep they have dug their own graves by starting this war, and in Carols name, do whatever is necessary to end it.

What do you think? Comment your predictions below! Be sure to check out the podcast on 04/04/16 at 8PM for our reactions to the season finale only on!

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