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Wrestlemania 32 Predictions

Updated: May 29, 2019

Wrestlemania will be a much larger production and it will have a lot more flair and atmosphere than the NXT show did but what with the card bring to the table is the true question and that is where I think that Wrestlemania will flop. The appearance, the entrances, the vignettes in between matches, the celebrity appearances will make it a grand event but again the booking I am in serious doubt about.

Wrestlemania Pre-Show matches (in no particular order)

Calisto (c)  vs Ryback

Calisto has had a pretty solid run as the US Champ and no different than other really small title holders the run ends pretty quickly when up against the bigger guys.  I think Calisto is gonna drop the belt to Ryback who will get a quick run as U.S. Champ until some of the injured stars come back I am thinking Cesaro specifically

The Usos vs The Dudleys

Been extremely bored with this particular story line with the ‘straight edge’ Dudleys against the Usos.  It hasn’t done anything for me.  The Dudleys are all about tables in the end and without them they just another tag team that has lost a few steps over the years.  The main roster tag division is still pretty lacking however this could line up the winner for the next shot at The New Day.  I am thinking the Dudleys will prevail after resorting to what got them there in the first place and crack out a table or two.

Total Divas (Natalya, Paige, Brie Bella, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie) vs  B.A.D. & Blonde (Tamina, Lana, Naomi, Emma, Summer Rae)

Has no merit to any one particular wrestler being a 10 Diva tag match… Useless from a title aspect.  Too many wrestlers to concentrate on the skills of one or another.  Will more than likely have one big spot with a bunch of finishers one after another and regardless I still won’t care one way or the other but I will go with B.A.D. & Blonde  for the heel victory.

Wrestlemania Main Card matches (in no particular order)

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

How do you call a free for all like this… How bout Kane?  Big Show won last year otherwise I would call him to win.  It’s a nice gesture to have the Battle Royale but other than the trophy it doesn’t mean anything but it does give a lot of wrestlers their ‘Wrestlemania’ moment

The New Day vs The League of Nations

I am sure I have made my feelings known for New Day in the past podcasts and article or two.  The League of Nations I have even less invested in.  Originally this was a 3 vs 4 Handicap match for the titles but they changed it to a non-title affair that maybe they will give the victory to the League for the sheer numbers advantage and to allow the heat to continue into the summer when the numbers even up when King Barrett quits in the summer.

AJ Styles vs Y2J Chris Jericho

Jericho can play a great heel and has been played a great role in getting AJ Styles acclimated to the WWE style.  I just want this little feud to be over and done with.  AJ Styles… Y2Jackass… Please just say my dad could beat up your dad and get it over with.  I will take AJ in hopefully this last meeting and hopefully by Styles Clash because the Phenomenal Forearm is far from a finisher.

Kevin Owens (c) vs. Sami Zayn vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Zack Ryder vs. Sin Cara vs. The Miz vs.Stardust (Ladder Match)

Well this could have been a nice ladder match until they added Sin Cara, Stardust and Zack Ryder to the mix.  Well Ryder was a last minute replacement for Neville due to his ankle injury so we’ll see what he does.  But Sin Cara and Stardust really haven’t really had any IC title push in how long.  Great booking as always.  Has the potential to steal the entire show and be a total spot fest and I hope it does.  I will actually take Sami to win and finally exact his revenge on Owens by taking the title

Charlotte (c)  vs Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch

3 of the Four Horsewomen of the WWE in a match.  This should be a great match and on par with the Bayley/Asuka match from Takeover I have a feeling that Ric is going to involved at some point and more than likely will get thrown from ringside.  I would really like to see Bayley make a run in to deal with Ric getting the bump to main roster.  I will take Becky Lynch to take the belt and will allow Becky and Sasha to have a good run for it after Mania.

Triple H vs Roman Reigns

Ugh I am not going to spend much time on this one.  I will take a stab that WWE is going to ram more Reigns as champ down our throats even with all the boos.  We all know Triple H isn’t running full time and why would you have a champ only to wrestle at PPV’s?  Roman wins and we all hate it and boo

Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar (Street Fight)

Well with normal reasoning would anyone believe that someone Dean Ambrose’s size would be able to beat someone the size of Lesnar.  Crazy doesn’t mean indestructible.  I was talking about this match with Mr. J and most of Lesnar’s matches may as well be Street Fights cause he really doesn’t wrestle anyways he just throws people around for 5-10 minutes.  Even though I hate him I go with Brock.  I wonder if they get the medical staff for this one like they did with Joe/Balor what a joke.

Shane McMahon vs Undertaker (Hell In A Cell)

Well I was disappointed when I heard that it was Shane facing Undertaker this year I was hoping for a bigger draw but then I thought about it and rewatched a lot of Shane’s matches and they were pretty entertaining.  Now it’s been over a decade since he’s been in the ring for a match.  He wasn’t the cleanest wrestler but at least he was better than Vince and he could take a beating case and point KOR 2001 vs  Angle.

There could be a couple of ways they could go Shane winning and the Authority being gone but really they did that and before and they came back I really think Steph and Triple H are too egotistical to do what is best for business and get off of TV.  I am going with Undertaker winning but with some sort of outside interference and help and if I hazard a guess it will be Seth Rollins (He’s been working his ass off and training daily rehabbing his knee)  It would make sense the Authority always had Rollins’ back and no authority no title shot or protection. Just a thought anyways.

Well that closes things out with predictions for the show and touching on Friday’s Takeover.  I am hoping the matches are halfway decent I think there will be a couple snoozes unfortunately but it can’t be worse than Wrestlemania 31 can it?!  We will see.

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