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TV Review: Daredevil Season 2

Updated: May 28, 2019

Let us all be honest. Everyone under the sun was quite skeptical about a Marvel TV Show, especially on Netflix. But last year, Daredevil premiered and showed everyone that it will be one of the best Comic Book, if not one of the best TV shows in general on right now. Like everyone else, I spent my time off when I was not at Toronto Comic Con this past weekend, binge watching Daredevil.

I was not disappointed. I will always stand by and say that this show is mainly successful because it is being produced by the correct avenue, Netflix. Don’t hear me wrong, CW has done very well for itself, but Netflix, being a premium network, will show gore and do risky things to keep their audience. CW appeals to a completely different audience.

Here is my opinions of the current/new characters brought into this season. As always, “Spoiler Alert.”

Daredevil – Charlie Cox:

Daredevil, my oh my have you grown. Since we last saw “Red” he obtained the infamous suit, beat the tar out of Wilson Fisk, and as Matt Murdock, put Fisk away in jail. Life seems to going well for this character since we last seen him. The Law firm is flourishing and so is a possible relationship with Karen. What could go wrong?

Pros – New weaponry and upgrades to suit. A lot more character development since last season. Also senses seemed to be heightened.

Cons – None

Karen Page – Debra Ann Wolfe:

Karen’s character does not take a backseat for no one this season. She shows that she can be a strong female lead when there really isn’t a story for it. She continues her pursuit of showing the Murdock/Nelson law firm that she can be a huge piece to their defense team. And when that doesn’t work out, she takes up writing(Ben Urich’s old job) and uncovering pieces into Frank Castle’s past that everyone has tried covering up.

Pros – Shows a strong female lead role. A lot more time was put into character opposed to last season. I enjoyed the “writer” direction they are going.

Cons – Honestly, I wish they did not try to build a romance story with Daredevil. It is so cliché and predictable.

Foggy Nelson – Elden Henson:

Good ole Fulton  is showing his independence. Which I enjoyed. Knowing that Matt is “Red” it is only a matter of time that the superhero responsibilities will began to ware on the friendship and promising law firm. Instead of lying down an d just dealing, he called Matt out on it multiple times and showed that he doesn’t need Matt to build his own career. Opposed to last season  where he was afraid to take risks without Matt’s input. Especially with how this season ends, we are going to see a bright future for Foggy.

Pros – Character independence and own storyline. Not playing comedic/sidekick role.

Cons – Foggy and Matt did work together very well. I will be sad that Nelson/Murdock folds.

Wilson Fisk – Vincent D’onofrio

Did you honestly think that you would not see him? In my opinion, Vincent D’onofrio’ s portrayal of Wilson Fisk is the best by far and most believable for any villain that I have ever seen. The show was shot in such a way to make you believe that he wasn’t in this season, but don’t worry, he is there and with a vital part of the story. Last season, the story of Wilson Fisk becoming a huge financial mogul and somewhat crime lord was explained. This season, the transformation from Wilson Fisk to the famously known, Kingpin, has begun. In jail, broke and alone, Wilson Fisk needs to become ruthless and organized to survive and become the Kingpin.

Pros – Vincent D’Onofrio. That’s the pro. No one else could have played him any different or any better. Character development this season makes me excited for next season to see what’s next for the Kingpin.

Cons – None. And I stand by that.

*new* Frank Castle/Punisher – Jon Bernthal

The long waited arrival for the Punisher is finally over. Shane lives! Kinda, sorta. Jon plays the 4th adaptation of this poorly used character over the years. Yes, I did like the Punisher with Tom Jane. But he wasn’t the true Frank Castle. A very watered down version. Ray Stevenson was the best portrayal of the Punisher, in Warzone, but not many people did not see it because there wasn’t a huge cast and it was gory. It only proves that certain people need to pick up a comic book before talking. Just saying. Overall, Jon did a solid job as Frank Castle. The story for Frank was solid and was intertwined throughout the season which was fantastic. I don’t think Punisher will get his own Netflix show, but, he can definitely be great for supporting roles.

Pros – Ruthless, unhinged, unpredictable and vicious. The Frank Castle we all love. Jon plays a very intense version of Punisher and I loved it.

Cons – I feel like I am nitpicking, but there was just things that urked me. I hate how Jon Bernthal walks. It reminds me of Shane from The Walking Dead and drives me crazy. Also, what’s up with that haircut? That was just brutal. I would rather he even did a buzz cut or slicked his hair back like in the comics. It made him look weird.

*new* Elektra – Elodie Yung

There has only been 1 person from my large circle of friends that enjoyed Elodie as Elektra. I can tell you that I honestly did not. Jennifer’s Garners ears did a better job in my opinion. Now, it makes sense why Frank Miller disliked it. that should have been the writing on the wall to be honest. I greatly disliked the portrayal of Elektra. In no means am I a specialist about

Pros – Besides the vicious murdering spree this lady goes on. There really isn’t much.

Cons – Can I write everything? There was some character development but none that made me want to invest anymore time into this character than I had to. Her character was annoying as a 5 year old kid in a toy store. The actor used did not feel right for the role nor did it feel like she had any chemistry with Matt Murdock whatsoever.

*new* The Hand – Many ninjas who got beat up, dismembered if not murdered.

The season we are introduced to many different crime families/factions. However, The Hand made the biggest impact in the season. Lead by the bacon crisp himself, Nobu, they are perfectly trained to follow Nobu’s every command. Which includes capturing the “Dark Sky.”

Pros – Quite vicious. A lot more ruthless and terrifying than all previous factions which includes the Irish.

Cons – For a pack of respawning super assassins, they seem to be killed and brutally beaten up quite easily. After the first few interactions with The Hand, they are portrayed as a major player in the show. But once you get into the later episodes, they become easy foes.

Nobu – Peter Shinkoda

The super assassin ninja guy from the first season comes back. Now, I am not a doctor, but I am pretty sure lying on the ground, engulfed in flames for several minutes provides the extremely possibility that you are dead. If you were alive, you wouldn’t be just lying there. But like I said, I am not a doctor. The Bacon Crisp apparently is an immortal? That was until he didn’t stay ahead of stick. LOL Literally.

Pros – Good for the Hand Story. Was a good supporting character for the ‘Dark Sky” story.

Cons – Sadly, wasn’t as intimidating as he was in the first season. I was even shocked they even used Nobu in this season.

Other characters – Of course there was some reoccurring characters from the previous season. Madame Gao, Sgt. Brett Mahoney,  Claire(Rosario Dawson), Turk(Henchman), Marci( Foggys ex) and Stick come to mind immediately.

Honestly, I was shocked to see Madame Gao but at least she was used correctly. I guess I could say that about everyone. They all had their role to play in the season, but Stick stood out from them all. Having a bigger storyline arc compared to last year, he really compliments this season.

Final Thoughts:

Is it better than the first season? It could be a debate with some, but I agree it is. The first season did set a standard for the rest of the Netflix shows. Jessica Jones was able to meet this standard and I am willing to bet that Luke Cage will as well. The second season continues to shows the high level of character development and script writing. I honestly feel the current writers for the MCU movie universe should take note with what is going on Netflix. They made they perfect equation to please most audiences.

The only that has upset me about season 2 is that it makes me want to see season 3, now!

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