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Why I am Excited for Indiana Jones 5!

Updated: May 28, 2019

This week it was announced that Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg would be teaming up to make Indiana Jones 5, which is scheduled for release July 2019. It was a plesant surprise, and yet not surprising. There has been talk about Indy IV for a while now, it was just a question of when it would be done. When Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, Star Wars was the main property everyone was talking about.

But included in the deal was also Indiana Jones, the archaeologist and adventurer who looks for mystical artifacts.

There have been some concerns among fans of the franchise.Such as, isn’t Hrrison Ford too old? What about his son Mutt, and his love interest/turned wife Marion? What would the movie be about? These are all valid concerns to be sure. But I don’t think we need to worry, let me explain why.

Ford recently made a triumphant return as Han Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to the delight of many viewers. He’s still in good shape, and still a great actor for 72. Granted, he will be 77 when Indy 5 comes to the big screen, but if he is still in relative good health, and displays that Harrison Ford wit, knack, and charm, than he’ll do a great job yet again.

If Sylvester Stallone can still play Rocky Balboa over 30 years later in Creed, and still pack a spectacular punch, so can Harrison Ford, as he plans to don the fedora yet again.

The last Indy entry, The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull, came out in 2008, which left a bad taste in some viewers mouths. But remember, so did the Star Wars prequels. Ten years later after George Lucas’ space fantasy went into hibernation, Star Wars came back better than ever. The same possibility came happen for the swashbuckling adventure series, starring the good Dr. Jones.

Plus, Steven Spielberg is back in the director’s chair, and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy will no doubt make sure that they have a quality script and great talent involved.

What matters most is the story. What will be the artifact that Jones is searching for, and who will join the cast when cameras start rolling? (I’d personally love to see either Atlantis or Excalibur) And it’s not as if Indy will be alone. Throughout his adventures he’s had help whenever he needs it, whether it’s from characters like Sallah, Short Round, Marion, or his son Mutt.

2019 is still a long time away, we don’t know what the future holds yet for Henry Jones Jr, but I choose to be optimistic. Start the John Williams theme, I’m ready!

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