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Movie Review: Lake Eerie

Updated: May 28, 2019

I found this movie as I was looking for something to watch and review. As some know I don’t mind my low budget movies and unknowns and frankly a lot of them turn out to be a lot better than some of the larger budget movies and you will find the diamond in the rough with them on occasion. Not everytime of course but once in awhile. I recognized some of the names in the cast the excerpts didn’t steer me clear so I picked it up and gave it a watch.

‘A young widow moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the sudden loss of her husband; however, she soon discovers a dark secret and that she is not alone.’

I couldn’t find a lot of information on the movie regarding budget and most of the review sites didn’t even have ratings only iMDB had info on it.  After watching it I can understand it because it was very a very frugal budget.  There were even some times in the movie when there was a scene and the audio seemed almost dubbed in during post production or overwritten with the original dialogue.  The audio track didn’t seem to line up just a couple of times but it was noticable.  Two cast members that I recognized were Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks) who I hope to meet in April at the CAPE event in Cornwall this year and Lance Henriksen (Aliens).  

The story revolves around a widow named Kate who buys a home and realizes that she isn’t alone.  Her odd neighbour Eliza tells her of the previous owner Harrison and his story and how he disappeared with his research.  Kate finds the research and with the help of Eliza’s grandniece they manage to find a way to try to save Harrison but in the end that Autumn double crosses Kate and manages to lock her away with Harrison in the locket.  

The plot and story wasn’t exactly original but then again what is these days when it comes to a movie.  But the execution of it was certainly a different scenario.  The idea of the necklace, the alternative plane and radio for communication I thought was good and helped the believability of the movie.  Creepy neighbour and her overzealous and equally odd grandniece are all great touches on the movie.  

There isn’t a lot of scenery in the movie most of it is really in the house that Kate purchases there is a walk or two from her house to Eliza’s and the odd scene in her house but mainly focuses on Kate’s house and it works.  Even in the early stages the typical cliche with doors closing, wind whipping through the house etc sets the stage of the film early on.  

Through the movie Kate is struggling with the death of her husband as well.  She is on some heavy anti-anxiety meds and is seen popping them during her high stress situations and heavy doses to get her to sleep.  She sees him in her dreams but usually in a twisted scene with which she is abruptly awoken from her sleep.  With all of the things going on she is struggling with her own sanity as well at one time thinking Eliza and Autumn were delusions when they go missing.

Her father pays her a visit to take her home and get the help she needs to deal with the loss of her husband and be with family but she declines and in the end regrets that decision.

I really enjoyed the film it was a different from what normally is released in theatres and it don’t think it ever would have made a tonne in theatres but in an independant release to test the waters potentially it could make some money.  Better to test the waters and see what the reaction is than put it through a major or even minor theatrical release and have it fall flat. If you like low budget films give it a watch.  It isn’t going to make you jump out of your seat or scare the pants off you.  

3 Beards out of 5

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