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Movie Review: Civil War

Updated: May 28, 2019

Truly, it is my fault that some of the trolling on our Facebook page has occurred. But at the end of the day, people need to realize it is just a movie.

Awhile back, I posted an article about Steven Spielberg stating that the Comic Book Movies will eventually go the way of the spaghetti westerns. Dead.

Now, at that time, I disagreed but within in the last 6 months I have seen more lack of common sense remarks and kneejerk reactions to these films that is now swaying my opinion. The Captain America: Civil War film is now the latest victim of the internet trolling and to be honest, I can not wait for this film to come and go. Not because I do not think it will do, but the “fanboys” will tear the film apart because of the lack of continuity or half assed special effects they put into or Joss Whedon didn't direct it or blah blah blah.

Remember when Spiderman with Tobey Macguire came out in 2002? Mind you the “internet trolls were not in full swing, but people were just grateful that this film simply occurred! Spiderman was one of the films to kickstart the MCU and to bring ComicBook movies into the heightened level they are now. Sure, Spiderman 3 sucked when they ruined Venom for everyone, but no one ever would have thought this could happen and look so good on the big screen.

After Spiderman, we got a Blade Trilogy, Xmen trilogy, Ironman Trilogy, 2 Fantastic Four movies and etc, and no one was even mad! It was the fact that these films were being made which kept the audience full of joy and excitement.

However, I feel that due to the total failure of Spiderman 3(mainly on Sony’s part), is where we became more critical on how our heroes/villains are portrayed. I know this skepticism has been around a lot longer than the film, but I feel it wasnt to this complete failure of Venom is where everyone started calling “bullshit” on the actor selections and portrayals of the comic book characters. Let us be honest. It was pretty bad.

Which brings us to Civil War. In my opinion, the Captain America films has been the best(Short of GOTG) of the entire MCU. So why not go Civil War as the final piece in Cap’s single story line? Well there isn't as many comic book characters in the movie vs the comic, the storyline is a tad different than the comics(who cares) and the only thing people wanted to see was Spiderman.

Well you got it. A half finished render of Spiderman in the last Civil War trailer. I hope you are all happy to see that 8 seconds. I wasn’t. I would have rather waited until the film came out, and I am sure that MCU would rather have waited as well. But, when people bitch and whine about something, eventually someone will cave. This was as irritating as seeing Doomsday in the Batman VS Superman film.

We didn't need to see him. But people bitched. And now people are bitching because of how bad he looks. SMH.

Comic Book fans just need to accept the fact that the comics will differ from the movies for multiple reasons. Sometimes, things will not translate well on the big screen. Either because the actor doesn't have that range, or the company doesn't think it's a good marketing idea. For example, Tony is an alcoholic, but instead of battling his alcoholism in Ironman 3, what did he battle? Anxiety. Did it annoy me? Yes. Did I care enough to throw a hissy fit? No. I enjoyed the film regardless.

In the end, people need to learn some patience. In 20 years, this films will be gone and we will be watching bad movies with Justin Bieber because there is nothing else on.  

The films will turn out fine in the end. See the Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy for reference. :)

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