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Movie Review: London Has Fallen

Updated: May 28, 2019

So I managed to get out to the theatre with the wife the other night which is a rarity due to her pickiness in selecting a film to watch. It was narrowed down to a couple of animated flicks and London Has Fallen and after she saw the preview she said she would watch that. I silently said ‘Thank You’ because the last animated film I saw was Boxtrolls and I fell asleep twice so I figured it couldn’t be that bad.

‘In London for the Prime Minister's funeral, Mike Banning discovers a plot to assassinate all the attending world leaders.’

iMDB rating 6.5/10     27/100 Metacritic    25% Rotten Tomatoes

Now this was a sequel to 2013’s Olympus Has Fallen and written by the same crew.  The main cast from that was brought to this film as well such as Aaron Eckhart (The Core, Dark Knight), Gerard Butler (300, Machine Gun Preacher) and Morgan Freeman.  Butler is a member of the Secret Service that directly protects the POTUS (Eckhart) with Freeman as the vice-president.  Now the story starts with the British Prime Minister dying after a recent surgery which turns out to be an assassination.  While all the major leaders are attending the funeral another attack is launched to kill all the leaders attending the service but the U.S. President and his personal detail escape and begin to thwart the plans to shake up the world leaders.

A modest budget of $60 million with an opening weekend of $21 million doesn’t appear to have much promise for a large blockbuster but then again not very many sequels are to be honest.  The movie looks good visually and it has a solid main casting of actors but falls short in the writing of the story.  It’s just not that original to set it apart from any other large political action movie to have it skyrocket with ticket sales.  President in trouble and single agent plays Rambo and saves the day typical right?

The plot moves along at a pretty steady pace and doesn’t seem to drag on from the beginning until the end.  With movies that are dragging or not holding my attention I’m usually clock watching for the last hour or so at the very least and that didn’t happen here at all.  I thought the chemistry between Eckhart and Butler was solid and one-liners were a nice break to the serious nature of the flick at the right times.  The rest of the cast was adequate but really didn’t need to be with them carrying on roles of basic mercenaries and terrorists.

Now there were three things that bothered me in the movie.  The first was Gerard Butler and the way he speaks rather the way he looks when he speaks out the side of his mouth.  I can’t say that it bothered me in other movies with him in it but it this film it really got on my nerves for some odd reason.  The second thing that drove me nuts throughout the movie was the indestructibility and extremely lucky nature of Butler’s character.  A firefight in the streets and everyone else around him is dying and he barely takes a bit of shrapnel damage from the cars and walls around him.  I know the movie is nothing without the hero but it was just a little bit unbelievable for a single Secret Service agent.  The final thing that bothered me was the idea of the attack on the world leaders.  For something like what happened the amount of planning and the amount of men that would need to be infiltrated and undercover and to not have one of the government's catch any kind of intelligence as to what was going on was pretty absurd to me but I digress.

It was filled with action and it was pretty entertaining.  Far-fetched?  Most certainly as I stated but I was still entertained but it didn’t overtake the flaws in the story/plot of the film.  Would I ever own the flick?  Not likely.  Would I watch it again?  If it came on television I would but I certainly wouldn’t pay theatre pricing for it even on a cheap night.  Would I recommend it?  Sure if you have a choice between this and animated movies choose London Has Fallen.

There have been a lot better but also a lot worse action movies of this particular nature.  Middle of the road nothing mind blowing.  I think Morgan Freeman is in it just to get bonus point and for me it works.  Points for Morgan Freeman!

3 Beards out of 5

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