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TV Review: WWE Roadblock

Updated: May 28, 2019

So the WWE has given us another event magically in the middle of the Road to Wrestlemania and I am trying to wrap my head around what the hell they are doing? Now this event is this Saturday and they have all of 4 matches announced. This is a live event taking place not far from where I am at in Toronto at the Ricoh Coliseum which has housed a number of events in past both for WWE, ROH and I think even CHIKARA has paid a visit there once....

Now the only reason I would think of holding an event like this and broadcasting it would be to build some storylines prior to Wrestlemania and frankly these matches on the surface have zero impact on the card for Wrestlemania 32.   The WWE is playing this up like a Pay-Per-View instead it is a glorified house show is what it is.  Let’s look at the 4 matches quickly and maybe try to figure this out if I write it down.  Cause in my head this seems stupid.

Triple H vs Dean Ambrose  (Heavyweight Title)

Ambrose has been calling out Brock for a couple weeks to set up WM 32 and now decides to call out Triple H just because?  Now apparently Roman still hasn’t been cleared yet and WM is only a couple weeks away.  I can see the potentially see this as a set up ‘in case’ Reigns isn’t ready from his nose surgery and Ambrose will have to step in and then figure out and adjust Brock to fight the Wyatt’s again would work with him fighting Bray at Roadblock.  It’s a good fallback if Reigns isn’t ready to take the reins at Mania. (Pun totally intended)

Brock vs Bray Wyatt

This has had a pretty good build up over the past while in between Ambrose picking a fight with Lesnar over the past couple of weeks.  I am not a Brock fan in the slightest but I have loved Bray Wyatt for a long time he works hards, the gimmick is pretty solid in my opinion but the people in the back raise him up and let him fall too often.  I wanted to see Bray get a solid push to the top end of the card in light of all the injuries but that never happened and he will more than likely get pushed aside once again with Cena and Rollins returning in the next couple months if they stay on schedule.  

New Day vs League of Nations (Sheamus & Barrett)  (Tag Team Titles)

Nothing more than an effort to make people care about the League of Nations why not throw New Day again the Social Outcasts?  The main roster has no tag team presence you have New Day, The Dudley Boys and The Ascension and even then The Ascension really hasn’t been doing much on the main roster.  The Tag Titles are just used as a means for Xavier Woods to act like a jackass with a trombone I think there is a better tag presence in NXT at the moment.  Will be a fluff match with New Day winning again interference or not and not too many people caring about it.

The Revival vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (NXT Tag Team Titles)

Why is this even here?  Did they forget they are doing an NXT Takeover in Dallas just prior to WM 32.  Oh wait The Revival is facing American Alpha then.  I wonder how this is going to turn out.

I know they had a similar event that they broadcast as well from Madison Square Garden a while back.  Now some people will be happy to watch any form of wrestling on television.  The house shows just fill the gap between weekly broadcasts and don’t have any major impact on titles typically.  You always have that glimmer of hope that someone Cena would beat Orton or vice versa but it never seems to happen because it just fuels that rivalry and gives people across the country to experience that live event.  Broadcasting those events I could do without.

I am going to pass on the events of this weekend and frankly I will take the time and go out with my girlfriend instead grab and some dinner and perhaps catch another movie.  If you plan on watching it I wouldn’t expect too many swerves for this hyped up house show enjoy it for what it is more than likely going to be, Triple H beating on Ambrose for about 10-15 min and Lesnar suplexing the entire Wyatt family for like 10-15 minutes with the two tag matches being more than likely forgettable.

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