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TV Review: Bitten

Updated: May 27, 2019

Currently awaiting its season 3 premiere on February 12, Space/SyFy series Bitten is killing me with anticipation. Based on the bestselling series Women of the Otherworld by Kelley Armstrong, there are many things that make this show special. Here’s a peak into what season one is about, that will leave you wanting more.

Elena is the only female werewolf. She is bad ass, self-assured, and of course drop dead gorgeous.

Unfortunately, being all of the above wasn’t her choice. Elena had a rough go as a child. After losing her parents she was bounced around and abused in foster homes, but ever the fighter, a still human Elena moves to Toronto for school to get away from her past and start fresh. She meets a handsome, (if stand offish) guest professor at her university and falls in love. Clayton Danvers, young, fit and exceptionally good looking, usually doesn’t like to interact with others. He keeps to himself and his pack, and generally sees no need to have any outside relationships and finds the attention he attracts with his good looks irritating and shallow. When he meets Elena he is taken aback, there is something about her that makes him want to learn more. They date and he proposes bringing her home to Stone Haven where he and the others live, and planning to tell her his secret – he’s a werewolf. His Alpha and adopted father Jeremy figures out Clay’s plan after meeting Elena and hearing of the engagement, and forbids him from breaking their law and tell an outsider their secret. In a moment of panic at the thought of losing his love, Clay bites Elena.

Without her consent, Elena is thrown into a change only the strongest survive. Excruciating pain racks her body as the wolf toxins mutate her on a cellular level, contorting her body and breaking her bones when she turns from human to wolf for days until the transformation is complete.

Following her change, Elena moves to Toronto to get away from the pack and Stone Haven. Elena lives her life as a photographer, and finds a new boyfriend, trying to move forget Clay and keep her secret safe, until months later Jeremy calls her back to Stone Haven when a new threat leaves one of her pack brothers dead. Elena will need to fight with her pack to keep the pack alive, even against her own will, or she could be the next dead dog.

The TV show follows very closely to the plot from the book, written by Canadian author Kelley Armstrong, and was amazingly cast – it’s as if the characters jumped off the page and on to the screen. Laura Vandervoort is as beautiful as her cast mates Greyston Holt, Greg Byrk and Steven Lund are handsome, making me cross my fingers hoping to run into the cast when they film in my home town, Toronto.

Episodes from Bitten season 2 is available online on Space and SyFy’s websites, and both seasons are available for download on iTunes and various other areas of the interwebs.

Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series is available on Amazon, Kobo and all major book.

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