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Movie Review: Pay The Ghost

Updated: May 27, 2019

‘One year after Mike Lawford's young son disappeared during a Halloween carnival, he is haunted by eerie images and terrifying messages he can't explain. Together with his estranged wife, he will stop at nothing to unravel the mystery and find their son-and, in doing so, he unearths a legend that refuses to remain buried in the past.’

IMDb Rating     5.1/10        Metacritic     21/100        Rotten Tomatoes 12%  

I am still trying to figure out what they were trying to do with this movie and how they got to where they did.  I have been left scratching my head throughout the movie and even after it is over and that I am sure attributes to some of the horrendous scores it received thorugh the various sites.

The movie stars Nicolas Cage and Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead, Colony).  Now I never liked Callies (Lori Grimes) in The Walking Dead and frankly she was the shining star of the movie.  Nicolas Cage was well Nicolas Cage as of late.  There were so many parts where the delivery was just so flat and emotionless I couldn’t get into the movie at all.  I was distracted easily and wandered from the movie and paused it a couple of times just so I could take a breather and get back to it.  I am normally one for paranormal or supernatural type flicks but this didn’t hold my attention at all.  

The plot and idea behind it seemed okay but the delivery and how it was told on screen lacked a lot.  There is one point after the son is abducted that it jumps ahead almost a whole year and you don’t really know until a couple of minutes after the jump realizing that Mike and Kristen are somewhat estranged after Mike has utterly become obsessed with tracking down their son.  Then at one point all of a sudden out of nowhere Kristen appears to just forgive him all of a sudden and things seem almost normal as they near the retaking of their child when they find out how they can get him back.

They could have stayed away from some of the typical supernatural cliches as well like Mike seeing his son on a bus and running after but only to realize that when he gets on that he isn’t there.  The cliche jump scares in a couple of spots early on as well.  It is really hard to say where the movie goes wrong.  The script, the direction, the actors I don’t really know.  They get into the supernatural aspect of the movie and I get lost them talking about a Celtic goddess and white magic but yet it is an evil spirit that abducts the son in the first place.  

I am not going to spend much more time or effort on this review of the movie.  Steer clear of this movie at all costs.  Unless you are a die-hard Nicolas Cage fan and have to see all of his movies at some point and even if that is the case make sure this is the only Nicolas Cage movie you have left to see.  You could probably watch Cage’s remake of Kirk Cameron’s Left Behind and it would be a better movie than this.  Don’t buy it.  Don’t rent it.  Stay away.  Just don’t even.

1 Beard out of 5

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