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Game Review: Zombie Army Trilogy

Updated: May 27, 2019

In an era where everything seems to be zombies yet another zombie game graces our shelves. Zombie army trilogy is a 3rd person shooter that puts you against hordes of nazi zombies to try and turn the tables of World War 2. Do we really need another game that just focuses on popping zombie heads? Not gonna lie, I am a fan of the zombie genre, but it's getting a bit ridiculous. None the less, Here we go. (don't worry this won't be a long one)

Towards the end of WW2 Hitler is realizing that he is quickly losing the war. To try and tip the scales in his favor he summons an ancient demon that turns all its soldiers into the undead. Your job is to take out the hordes to gather the relics to stop the nazi zombie apocalyps. The story wasn't bad but to be honest it doesn't really play into what you're doing in the game. It almost felt like the story was thrown in there to make it more than just senseless violence. There are a couple bosses but they don't really have a purpose other than to be more difficult than regular zombies you encounter in the rest of the game. As you play you go through the game you make your way out of Berlin to find the source of the curse, Then you go back through berlin to find the relics, then you make your way back out. The settings get kind of monotonous, there is a constant, “I just did this” feeling throughout the game. Overall the story itself was VERY lackluster.

In terms of gameplay first of all i want to say this game is made by Rebellion the same company that gave us the Sniper Elite game. That being said, it's the same damn game just with zombies. Your primary weapon is a sniper rifle with a submachine gun and a side arm. When you make long distance kill shots it does a cool x-ray damage shot where you can watch bullets destrot everything from skulls to cool as it looks (the testicle shot was pretty guresome) its no different from any of the sniper games. The first time the x-ray shot happened i started laughing because i could see where this was going. Cool but nothing new.

Now you do have your choice of weapons that you start the game with. There are about 5 different sniper rifles, 5 or 6 machine guns and 4 different hand guns. Along with a  few different explosives that you can carry and use. That's it, no addons, no finding new weapons you get what you get.

There was really only about 5 types of enemies. You will encounter hordes of your basic undead soldiers that stumble around towards you.

This game is cheesy but kinda fun in the same respect. Sure it is an exact copy of the sniper games, and sure zombies are showing up in everything, but i loved the sniper games and it's always fun to see those x-ray shots exploding body parts. Other than the few cool things the game had a lot to be desired. I'm glad it was a rental and not one i bought.

I don't really have a lot to say here. You pretty much play the game 3 times already just to get to the end of the story. As i mentioned previously you get out of berling, go back in, and get back out. There is absolutely no reason to play the story more than once.

There are a couple multiplayer games that you can play where you are part of a team and have to survive for as many rounds as you can and one where you go through a chunk of story. Now i tried to play the multiplayer story but ran into a little snag in the fact that it is really hard by yourself and no one else plays the game online so you will never have a full team. If the game had more success it might be fun but the lack of other players makes the multiplayer almost impossible. I also have to throw out the fact that there are other games that are way more popular that already have a game of survive as long as you can.

1/5 Dissapointed Zombies

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