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Movie Review: The Visit

Updated: May 27, 2019

'A single mother sends her two young children to visit their grandparents on a remote Pennsylvania farm for a week-long trip, but the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in deeply disturbing activity, and the youngsters' chances of getting back home look less and less likely with every minute that passes.'

IMDb rating 6.3/10    Metacritic 55/100    Rotten Tomatoes 63%

Well this is the next in the line of M. Night Shyamalan films.  Now I honestly don't know why I keep going back to his films because I can't recall the last one I enjoyed.  I think I have to go back all the way to Signs to the last one I enjoyed.  I would have enjoyed The Village if they left out the last like 10 minutes.  But then there was Lady in the Water, The Happening, The Last Airbender, After Earth.  Now Wayward Pines the series is decent but then again there are novels leading that story and he's only a producer so I don't think that counts.  Those of you that haven't seen Wayward Pines check out season 1 its only like 10 episodes.  

If you thought this was the redeeming film for M. Night Shyamalan you would be sorrily mistaken.  The mojo he had back with Signs and The Sixth Sense appears to still be missing and lost to him.  This movie is just a trainwreck, it tries to recapture the lost footage genre like Blair Witch Project but that genre is long gone and there are too many movies in that ilk and this one does nothing to set itself apart from the numerous others.

The movie covers a trip of two kids to their grandparents home after their mom leaves home and pushes her parents out of her life.  After the kids are grown they learn a little more about their grandparents and want to spend some time with them to get to know them.  This is set up during a time while mom goes on a cruise with her boyfriend.  Of course everything on the surface appears normal and then the grandparents begin to exude some bizarre behaviour and it continually gets worse causing the children to call their mother to get them before of the end of the trip arrives.  

Even at the end of the movie and the identities of the grandparents are revealed the rest of the movie falls flat.  There isn't anything unexpected at all in this film from what I could pick out of it.  I was just left wanting something to happen I didn't already know or to give me a little bit of a jump or something.  No ultraviolet ending just a mediocre one at best.  Shyamalan interjects some comedy into the film and it really was the only thing that made it palatable because if this was to be taken super seriously I wouldn't have made it through the film.  The idea of the female lead making a documentary thinking it will be a perfect gem that everyone will want to see is ridonkulous to say the least and the male lead attempting to rap at various points in the film is horribly annoying.

The movie had a super low budget of $5 million and actually pulled in nearly $97 million worldwide ($65 in N. America)  I have no idea how to be honest.  Had I actually seen this in the theatre I would have walked out telling people to exchange their ticket for anything but that film.  I have a feeling that means it will lead to him making another film to be disappointed with.  If he does can someone please remind to not watch it no matter what I say or do.  Please stop me!   Review or not!

Stay away.  Save yourself the money if you absolutely have to see this movie grab it on rent one get one free from the local video store there is no reason you have to see this movie that badly.  Take that money and go and see Star Wars Episode 7 a second, third or fourth time.  Go buy a Starbucks with that coin it will give you a lot more pleasure and satisfaction than this horrendous film.  I wish I could unsee it or rewind using the Sands of Time or something.

1 Beards out of 5

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