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TV Review: Legends of Tomorrow

Updated: May 27, 2019

So this week was the premier of the new line of DC shows created by The CW network. Legends of Tomorrow focuses on a time traveller by the name of Rip Hunter who works for the Time Masters and wishes to stop Vandal Savage an immortal who is working on wiping out humanity and who also killed his wife and child. The Time Masters deny him the authority to change the timeline to prevent Vandal Savage from completing his mission so he goes rogue and decides he is going to do it anyways.

Rip goes back in time with the help of Gideon (a sentient computer) and the WaveRider (a time travelling spaceship).  He begins to build his team by nearly kidnapping The Atom, White Canary, Captain Cold, Heatwave, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.  Rip lies to them and tells them that in the future they’re legends.  He plays to their egos and gives them a chance to think over the decision to go with him.

The only two that have any knowledge of Vandal Savage are Hawkgirl and Hawkman because they have been dealing with him for centuries as he kills them and they reincarnate allowing Savage to become more powerful.  Each member of the team manages to find a reason or is given a reason by a friend to accept Rip’s offer to become the legend he told them they would be.  

The first episode is about going after the only expert on Vandal Savage, Aldus Boardman who also knows of Hawkgirl and Hawkman and recognizes them from his research and from an encounter in their past lives when Hawkgirl was his mother for 10 years before they were murdered.  

Kronos, a temporal bounty hunter attempts to breach the WaveRider while most of the team is away.  They return and fend off Kronos but Aldus is hit and mortally wounded.  Rip is forced to tell the team the truth of their situation, that he stole the WaveRider and that their lives have a minimal impact on the Timeline in fact the opposite of what he told them.  The mentality of the team changes quickly and push him to fess up that Vandal Savage killed his wife and child.  

The Legends ponder one by one to figure out if they will stay on board with Rip and attempt to stop Vandal from destroying humanity.  Aldus succumbs to his wounds on board the WaveRider but not before returning Chay-ara’s ring to her from their lifetime.  Through conversations with each other the Legends decide it is up to them to make their own fate and not allow Rip’s future to control their destinies.

The first episode is very character driven and frankly very unappealing to me because we have seen these characters across the other shows on the CW network.  I understand they need to play out the idea of the team building process but I hope this is the only building episode in regards to it.  Let’s just get into the show and to the meat and potatoes of it.  I am not going to pass on it just yet I am going to give it a couple of episodes.  The CW network seems to have a formula to make these shows work and I hope it continues with this.  My worry from the original announcement of the show is that there are too many characters involved in the team and won't be able to concentrate enough on any one character and it will be weak in the future development.

I wouldn't say the characters they chose appeal to me very much but they are the B-List or second stringers and this is a way to bring them to the forefront and not have to worry about any major timelines to screw up or to follow in the comics.  I think the writers will have a lot of free reign with the show and really hope they take full advantage and get the hooks into us quickly otherwise I think it will be a quick demise for the show.  They can't rely on the name of a hero like Green Arrow or The Flash to carry the show knowing what is already in store for those particular heroes.  

If you are a fan of Smallville, Arrow, The Flash I would say to give this particular show a chance.  Make your own decision on it, like I said I will be giving the show what Mr. J and I call the ‘3 Episode’ Rule.  I think you can all figure out what that means.  It is expected to have a 16 episode season this year so we will see how things go.  

Give it a shot and let me know what you think by giving me a follow on Twitter @CdnMountainMan and of course don’t forget the rest of the @DroidsCanada crew of course and give us a like on Facebook as well!

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